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Sarah Sanders: “It Was Equivalent to Treason, and That’s Punishable By Death In This Country”


I’ve noticed something recently.

For a while, no one would say the “T” word when talking about the failed coup attempt against President Trump.

But now it’s starting to get used with increasing frequency.

Even President Trump has started saying it, and you know when he’s doing that it’s not by happenstance.

He’s sending a message.

Why Do So Many Politicians Have Bruises Near Their Eyes Recently?

And here is the incomparable Sarah Huckabee Sanders laying it all out as plain as day.

And take a look at the Tweet and then listen to what she has to say:  “They literally accused the President of the United States of being an agent for a foreign government. That’s equivalent to treason. Thats punishable by death in this country.”


Here's more analysis:


And from LettersFromTheGoulag, here is some excellent analysis on the topic:

"They wanted to do an insurance policy against me, it was Subversion, it was Treason, it was really Treason . . . if I had done this to Obama . . . if the Republicans had done this to the Democrats it would be considered Treason and you would have hundreds of people who would be in jail for the rest of their lives, but it worked out the other way . . . really it's a horrible situation and an incredible outcome and we will have to see where it all started. But, I'm going to leave that to other people including the Attorney General and others to make that determination, but it's very, very important for our country to know because in fifty years from now, in a hundred years from now if somebody tries the same thing they have to know that the penalty will be very very great if and when they get caught." _ President Donald Trump, Tuesday, March 26, on FOX-Hannity.

He is talking about making an example, "they have to know that the penalty will be very very great . . . when they get caught." How can that be and the present coup-plotters not be severely punished? He is talking about the restoration of equal justice under the law. He points out, first, the inequity, the flaunting of the rule of law by those who had coronated themselves as "the ruling class", who saw themselves and ACTED as if they were "above the law"; those same people the coup plotters, which includes Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama as Trump dubbs them "people at the highest levels" - who was at the highest levels when the evil insurance policy plot was hatched? That is why he said, "we will have to see where it all started" - the man is a genius word-weaver, while he speaks using simple words in massive run-on sentences.

It is important to note that in this same Hannity interview Trump and Hannity discuss the fact that following the election Trump offered Hillary, Obama and the rest a truce. He complimented them and stated that he wanted to leave the past behind and to focus ahead with the goal of effectively governing. But their answer was to try to overthrow him, to try to hound him from office by a plot of FALSE Russian Colusion, by painting him as an agent of a foreign power, and as Sarah pointed out, "that is treason punishable by DEATH."

For those of you grown cynical or skeptical having lost heart, grab the popcorn because the Coup Plotters are about to be made a DARK HISTORIC CAUTION!

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