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Trump Thanks MSNBC!


You gotta love our President….

He never misses a chance to rib an opponent or make a headline.

And he got the double feature recently after news broke that the Senate Intelligence Committee could find NO evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

MSNBC actually reported the story, an opportunity Trump took to thank them.

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Take a look:

Here's more from Fox News:

President Trump is expressing gratitude to MSNBC for a new report that may shed light on the findings from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

NBC News reported Tuesday morning that according to both unnamed Republicans and Democrats, the Senate Intelligence Committee has concluded that there is no direct evidence of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election after conducting 200 interviews over the course of two years.

As NBC News’ Ken Dilanian reported on-air, Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., told another news outlet last week that the panel had reached a conclusion, but now there is reporting from the Democratic side that confirmed Burr’s remarks.

“They are nearing the end of this investigation we are told but that once they interview their final witness, it will take another six or seven months to prepare a report. So the American public may not see the fruits for some time,” Dilanian told MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson.

And from the Western Journal:

Dilanian explained that even though the head of the committee, North Carolina’s Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican, had hinted at something similar the week before, Dilanian didn’t want a “partisan” opinion about a bipartisan investigation, so he checked with his own Democatic sources.

“What I’ve been doing since then is checking with my sources on the Democratic side to understand the full context of his remarks, because that was essentially a partisan comment from one side,” Dilanian said.

“But this is a bipartisan investigation, and what I’ve found is that the Democrats don’t dispute that characterization.”

In other words, no direct evidence has been revealed in the investigation that points at a conspiracy between Trump and Russia.

Naturally, it won’t be that simple for Trump to be cleared. Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the intelligence committee’s vice chairman, disagreed with that assssment, according to the New York Post. Warner refused to give any specifics on why he disagreed.

“I’m not going to get into any conclusions I’ve reached because my basis of this has been that I’m not going to reach any conclusion until we finish the investigation,” he said. He added that there will be “a number of key witnesses to come back.”

Of course, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report is separate from the Mueller investigation, which has yet to be conluded.

What the Senate Intelligence Committee says, particulary when in favor of Trump’s innocence, may be largely brushed aside by those pushing the Russian collusion narrative. To them it is what Mueller says that matters.

That being the case, how will they react if he finds that Trump is innocent of the collusion accusation? Will they accept it or claim he was corrupted, blackmailed, or otherwise unreliable?

In the meantime, Trump and his supporters are celebrating the Senate Intelligence Committee’s conclusions.


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