Nearly 10,000 Bricks On Their Way To San Fransisco!

Nearly 10,000 Bricks On Their Way To San Fransisco!

Oh my!

A few weeks ago, a viral campaign was launched to send a foam brick to Nancy Pelosi’s office in support of building Trump’s wall.

Here’s what the first THOUSAND bricks looked like as they were packaged up and mailed out!


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The bricks were accompanied with personal messages that people chose to include.

You can see some of them here:


This is called the will of the People Nancy!  

Are you listening?

If not, maybe the next batch of bricks will get your attention as 9,000 new bricks are set to go out in the next shipment!

This thing is going viral!

If you want to participate, you can do so here:

Send Nancy Pelosi a TRUCKLOAD of Bricks!

We'd love to have you join in, the goal is to send 50,000 bricks so there's plenty of room for you!

Check this out:


The feedback has been awesome so far.

If you've received your Build The Wall coin, I'd love to hear what you thought!

NATIONAL POLL: Should Ilhan Omar Be IMPEACHED and Removed From Office?

What would your message be to Nancy to go along with your brick?

Leave it in the comments below.....

Tap here to get started ⬇️


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