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Did President Trump Lay The Most Genius Trap For The Democrats Over The Government Shutdown?

This makes A LOT of sense!


Ok friends, buckle up because this is going to get VERY good….

This is not proven fact, it’s just speculation at the moment, but speculation is starting to build extremely quickly……and all the dots are starting to connect.

The question is, did President Trump lay a brilliant trap for the Democrats over the Wall and Government Shutdown?

Did he box Chuck and Nancy into a corner, while getting everything he wanted and then some?

President Trump is always deploying the Art of War and is always many steps ahead of his opponents….and it’s looking like he did it again here.

Check out this post from our friend “Piano” Butch Robinson, as he brilliantly explains what is believed to be possibly happening behind the scenes:



Isn't that so beautiful?

In other words, as Trump has said before back in 2012, it's the Art of War:


My man Trump.....truly a one of a kind, sent-from-God, miracle to give the U.S.A. one last chance to turn around!

Wake up America!

Now, before you dismiss Butch's theory as wishful thinking, here's an article the Des Moines Register just ran making very similar claims:

FBI agents are not being paid because of the layoff. The Coast Guard suggested that family members could walk dogs, babysit or have garage sales to make ends meet, as they face no paychecks. Airports are struggling to get enough TSA agents to screen passengers and lines are getting longer and slower.

A million federal employees and private contractors are working without pay or furloughed. President Trump has said these are mostly Democrats. It’s also worth noting that they are government employees so they fall into the category of workers for the “deep state” as Breitbart’s Steve Bannon has called them. The “deep state” is “big government” which as Ronald Reagan stated, "Government is not the solution to our problem; government IS the problem."

Then it seems that laying off or forcing government workers to work with no pay is not a “problem,” it’s actually a solution to big government. 

The Air Traffic Controllers association is worried that many of its employees are now retiring early or quitting to find other jobs because they will not work without pay.  Is it a coincidence that President Reagan began his trimming of government by crushing the air traffic controllers' union and now we see a second round of pressure on these vital managers of our air space?

If you want to shrink big government a shutdown is just what the doctor ordered. So are a budget deficit and an exploding national debt. “How so?” you ask.

The answer is that the bigger the deficit and the bigger the national debt the more unsustainable big government becomes. It’s like a company that is bled of funding, loaded with impossible debt and then shut down. There is no other explanation to the runaway deficit and debt train that is rushing down a hill to catastrophe. 

Several years ago, a conservative Republican friend of mine speculated how to best stop the continued growth of the federal government. Pushing the costs of government by increasing spending and blowing up the debt with big tax cuts was EXACTLY what we discussed.

There is no other reasonable explanation for why our Republican congressional leadership, which in the past was known as “fiscally conservative,” is now comfortable with a grossly bloated budget and deeply shrinking revenue precipitated by budget cuts. It has to be a deliberate strategy to disable the deep state.

So.....what do you think?

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Is Trump about to pull off the biggest trap in political history?

Will he end up drastically shrinking government while also getting his wall and humiliating the Dems?

A perfect Trifecta?

TURN THE TABLES: Send Nancy Pelosi a Brick for the Wall!


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