Secret Service and DHS Say Pelosi Is Dead Wrong On State of the Union!

Secret Service and DHS Say Pelosi Is Dead Wrong On State of the Union!

Let this man speak to the American people!

So…..who do you believe?

The generic ramblings of Nancy Pelosi or the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service?

You might recall yesterday that Nancy Pelosi wanted Trump to cancel the State of the Union address if the shutdown was not ended by then because there wouldn’t be enough security personnel to safely handle it.

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Trump refuted that claim and now so has the Secret Service and DSH!

Perhaps Nancy is just afraid of what our President is going to say when he gets the chance to speak directly to the American people?

Could that be it?

Send Nancy Pelosi a TRUCKLOAD of Bricks!


Take a look at what the Secret Service and DHS have said in response to Pelosi’s claim:

I guess it's time to go back to the drawing board Nancy.....come up with a different excuse!

Or, how about this, we just let our President speak to the American public?

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I vote for that.

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