FLASHBACK: Video Shows Obama, Bill, Hillary All Supporting a Wall: “We Are a Nation of Laws”

What happened?


Wow, they all sound a whole lot like Donald J. Trump, don’t they?

I wonder what happened?

Maybe special interests money?

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Isn’t it funny that the only person who can’t be bought because he doesn’t need their money (Donald J. Trump) is the only person who has never changed his position on this?

Never waivered?

But the Democrats sure seem to say anything that will get them elected, don’t they?

And then they do the opposite.

Doubt me?

Just watch this video, it’s all right here:

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And here's a backup if that gets taken down:

Love to get your thoughts on this one!

Hard to deny the video proof, isn't it?

Show your friends and family before 2020!  Very important!  

No more rug pulls....support Donald Trump!  

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