VERY UNCOMMON: Common Core Math Exposed In Private School Video!

VERY UNCOMMON: Common Core Math Exposed In Private School Video!

This is maddening.

This actually makes me really mad.  

I stumbled across a video today that appears to be a 4th Grade teacher showing parents how to do Common Core multiplication.  

It’s infuriating.  

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The teacher seems very nice, but what she is teaching is insanity!

I also believe it to be “Common Core” which is very uncommon and adds many unnecessary steps to complicate something that should be very easy!

Just watch all the extra insane steps kids now have to do in order to do a simple multiplication problem:


You'll note that video calls it an "amazing solution" but that's just spin (as Bill O'Reilly would say).

It's not amazing, it's insanity.

And the comments to that video show that almost EVERYONE agrees it is head-up-your-ass stupid!

Take a look:




Here's a backup video if the one above gets taken down:


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So.....what does everyone think?

Love to get your comments below. 

We're officially calling on Betsy DeVos to stop the Common Core madness once and for all!


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