Did This Win President Trump The Election?

You be the judge....


I can’t say there are any 4 minutes of TV history that I’ve enjoyed more than these!

In fact, watching this again I forgot about many of the things Trump said….right to her face!

The man is fearless, and this probably won him the election.

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Do you agree?

Was there any more seminal moment than this?

It was so pivotal it’s still chanted at his MAGA rallies to this very day.

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy this perfect 4 minute video.



The greatest 4 minutes of Historic TV. Trump mentions all of Hillary's crimes on national TV a year ago. Now former DNC chair and debate host Donna Brazile has stated exactly the same in her new book.For More Truths Against Hillary and The Deep State--- Like Our Page -->www.facebook.com/rondwyersettingtherecordstraight

Posted by Ron Dwyer on Sunday, November 5, 2017
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