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MADE IN USA: Trump Keeps Major Campaign Promise, Drops ANVIL On Foreign Manufacturing!

Taking the country back to an America-first trade policy.

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It can be argued that President Trump won the Rust Belt in one of his first primary-campaign speeches in Michigan.

“If they close these car factories here,” Trump yelled to the crowd, “I’ll put a tariff on every single car that comes out of Mexico!” 

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Why stop with cars, though? Why not use tariffs to encourage all American manufacturing?

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Trump has gotten the inkling, according to Newsmax:

President Donald Trump has approved recommendations to impose safeguard tariffs on imported large residential washing machines and imported solar cells and modules, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on Monday.

The decision followed findings by the U.S. International Trade Commission that both imported products “are a substantial cause of serious injury to domestic manufacturers,” Lighthizer said in a statement. 

A 20 percent tariff will apply on the first 1.2 million imported washers in the first year, and a 50 percent tariff on machines above that number. A 30 percent tariff will be imposed on imported solar cells and modules above 2.5 gigawatts in the first year.

Great news! 

But if “gigawatts” also makes you think of Doc from Back to the Future, you’re not alone. 

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