BREAKING: Trump's Long-Awaited Infrastructure Plan Is REVEALED!

BREAKING: Trump’s Long-Awaited Infrastructure Plan Is REVEALED!

The plan includes 9-figure sums directed at rebuilding rural America.

President Trump’s new infrastructure plan, which will rely on a combination of public and private funding, was leaked to the press on Monday. 

Since nothing *positive* ever leaks from the Trump White House, we’re assuming The Donald wants reporters to see it.

The plan will direct at least 25% of its total one-trillion dollar budget toward rebuilding rural communities. 

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More from the New York Post:

The Trump administration’s long-touted infrastructure plan would create an incentive program to give federal grants to “state, local or private entities” and push development in rural areas, including high-speed internet, according to a draft of the plan obtained by the Axios website.

The six-page document doesn’t contain any dollar amounts for the projects, but lays out categories of priorities.

The bulk of the plan’s appropriations — 50 percent — would go toward an “infrastructure incentives initiative” that would encourage state, local and private investment in “core infrastructure” by creating incentives in the form of grants.

The “rural infrastructure program” would highlight investment in rural areas “to facilitate freight movement, improve access to reliable and affordable transportation.”

Amounting to 25 percent of the appropriations, it would also address “broadband – and other high-speed data and communication conduits.”

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25% to the internet, hmm? 

Wait, wasn’t President Trump’s administration supposed to destroy the internet? 

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