Negative Nancy, Cryin' Chuck Now Opposing Sides As Pelosi Votes To Shut Down Government

Negative Nancy, Cryin’ Chuck Now Opposing Sides As Pelosi Votes To Shut Down Government

There are two Democrat parties now. One gave in to Trump this afternoon. One is farther left than most socialists.

Nancy Pelosi split with Chuck Schumer today, voting “no” on re-opening the government even as Senator Chuck Schumer worked to help Trump end the shutdown. 

Pelosi’s rhetoric shows just how divided the Democrats have become. 

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The House Minority Leader’s speech on the Senate floor acted as though a path to citizenship for the DREAMers was more important than the sun coming up tomorrow. 

Pelosi quotesfrom Daily Caller:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urged her Democratic colleagues in the House to vote against the conference bill that would keep the government funded through Feb. 8.

“I urge a ‘no’ vote and I yield back the balance of my time,” Pelosi said on the House floor Monday evening minutes before members were scheduled to vote on a continuing resolution to reopen the government.

“We have not yet protected our courageous young DREAMers. Not only should we protect them, we should embrace them, value them, and we should be grateful for the inspiration they are to America,” Pelosi said.

“This is about meeting the needs of the American people. It is also about honoring the values that have made our nation a beacon to the world,” she added. “Today, we end the trump shutdown, but it does not diminish our leverage or our determination on the Democratic side to meet the needs of the American people. Democrats are united in our determination to get the job done. We are unified for a better deal, better jobs, better pay, and a better future.”

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Yes, the FBI plans to use recordings of Negative Nancy’s speeches as a torture tactic to get information from crooks soon. 

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