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WHAT’S UP, DICK: Donald Trump Guns Down Dick Durbin With A Nickname You’ll NEVER Forget!

Senator Durbin's political career may not be long for this world.


When The Donald decides to brand an opponent with a deadly-insidious nickname, it’s all over but the body bag. 

Consider Evan McMullin. A popular mainstream Republican from Utah, McMullin capitalized on local “push” polls of Mormons in Utah to launch a national anti-Trump campaign for President, and constantly insulted Trump supporters both before and after the primary hoping to get attention and back-scratches from the liberal media. 

What happened to him? Trump called him “McMuffin” at a rally, condemning the western RINO to laughable obscurity forever. 

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It takes the President 10 seconds to pick-off an antagonist on the battlefield of public opinion.

Now, the POTUS has Senator Dick Durbin in his sights.

Durbin mis-quoted the President’s words at a meeting on the DACA deal last week, causing an international media hoax and race-relations scandal. 

Trump’s new nickname for Durbin? 

Read the tweet for yourself and find out…and try not to spit out your drink:

Trump's branding efforts always, always relate to what's visual.

I mean, just look at the Senator. He looks just a little...Dicky. Wouldn't you say? 

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