Trump Prophet: "One Ex-President Is Going To Jail in 2018"

Trump Prophet: “One Ex-President Is Going To Jail in 2018”

Mark Taylor famously predicted Donald Trump would rise to become President.  When everyone else said there was no chance.  

In fact, many of his prophecies go back to a time before Donald Trump officially announced he was even running!  

Now Taylor has just declared another earth-shattering prophecy.  He says three ex-Presidents will be “shaken”, two will be “taken” and AT LEAST one will end up in jail in 2018.  

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You can hear it firsthand in the telephone interview video below. 

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My thoughts?  I can see the writing on the wall right now.  All the pieces are in place for this to happen.  Trump’s Executive Order, signed in December, is a key piece.  The sealed indictments are a key piece.  It’s all coming together.

Most would expect Jimmy Carter and Bush Sr. to be the ones who die.  They’re both old and in poor health.  So that would not be too far of a stretch to predict.  But the other three is where it gets interesting.  That leaves Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama.  I think it’s either Obama or Bush Jr. going to jail.  And I’d be happy with either one!  

What do YOU think?  Watch below and then leave a comment!


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