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Democrats Claim Trump A Bigot For Calling Countries “S***”…Unlike When OBAMA Did The SAME!

The opposition party has actually managed to use the Saul Alinsky strategy 2 times on the same Friday in broad daylight.


Democrats are accusing Trump of having a “racist” campaign slogan again, forgetting that Bill Clinton wrote “Make America Great Again” in 1991. 

To add insult to injury, now they are in an uproar over Trump allegedly calling a pair of non-white poverty-stricken nations “s***hole countries.” 

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Again, they didn’t think it was so racist…when Obama did it.

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The former POTUS once referred to Libya as a “S*** show.” 

More from Daily Caller:

Following President Trump’s Thursday comments, it’s worth noting that former President Obama called the African country of Libya a “shit show” just two years ago.

The comments were recorded in an interview with The Atlantic. The wide-ranging interview was based on Obama’s foreign policy over his eight years in office. 

During one portion of the interview, Obama said described Libya as a “mess” to the interviewer but behind closed doors called the country a “shit show.”

Hmm. It’s funny that Obama would knock the conditions in Libya, since he and Hillary Clinton saved the s*** out of the Libyan people by bombing and invading them during his first term. 

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