WATCH: Trish Regan DESTROYS Democrat Rep, Accuses Him Of Rooting For Americans To Suffer

Does anyone detect a note of "hopefulness" in Democrats when they say that the economy is about to collapse and leave millions to die? One news anchor does.

Democrats hate Trump. They hate Trump so badly, that they would rather see the economy fall apart and Americans left to live in poverty than see him get elected again. 

Fox’s Trish Regan gave a striking interview with Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman on Friday in which she accused Sherman of hoping that America fails under Trump. 

“I fear some members of your party do not want to see this economy succeed, because if this economy succeeds, people will credit Donald Trump with that,” she said. “And you don’t want that happening.”

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Sherman bobbed and weaved, playing down the wage increases and bonuses currently being given out by hundreds of companies and attacking Ronald Reagan as having been bad for the economy. 

Gee, THAT’s accurate! 

See the video (and ignore the partisan title) below:

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