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LOL: Conservative Writer’s New “Slogan” For Anti-Trump Democrats Will Leave You HOWLING!

A journalist comes up with the perfect modern-liberal answer to "Make America Great Again."


As they did during the Reagan boom era, the opposing party is busy trying to figure out a way to paint America as unsuccessful and collapsing under President Trump.

But even worse, they also yearn for the days in which “nanny state” politics of heavy taxes, heavy spending and government intrusion into our lives were more commonplace. 

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Noticing that Dems would appear to like nothing more than for the economy to collapse and Americans to suffer under Trump, writer Wayne Root of Newsmax has come up with the perfect slogan for the Congressional minority:

MAMA: Making America Miserable Again.


More from Root:

Who would want to go back to the Obama years? Or have you forgotten Great Depression GDP levels; $10 trillion in new debt; nothing but crappy, part-time low-wage jobs; all-time low levels of new business creation; and all-time record high levels of food stamps, welfare, and disability. It was a fantastic economy, if you were either an illegal alien, or a welfare addict.

Every small business owner I met was depressed and had lost faith in America’s future. No one wanted to risk money, start-up new businesses, or create jobs.

My personal story is a perfect “model” for what Obama did to small business. I was forced to close my main Las Vegas business — laying off dozens of employees. I was unable to raise any money in Obama’s eight years for any new business start-up, even though I was able to raise about $20 million for various businesses during the preceding decade. 

My health insurance bill skyrocketed from $500 per month to $2,000. And my Henderson home went from a couple million dollars in value to underwater. I went from “the American Dream” to struggling to survive during the Obama years. Do you want to go back to that? Do you want to “Make America Miserable Again?”

Cleverly, Root’s #MAMA slogan is also a sly reference to the “nanny state,” which Democrats are often accused of supporting when they act as if citizens are children, and the government is our parents. 


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