BREAKING: Trump Keeps Promise To Revive American Factories With INCREDIBLE New Job Numbers!

Americans lost 16,000 manufacturing jobs during Obama's final year in office. The number of factory jobs created in Trump's first year will blow you away.

President Trump promised the American people he would revive manufacturing and help spawn thousands of new factory jobs.

He wasn’t kidding. 

Reports indicate that an amazing surge in manufacturing has led to the creation of 171,000 new factory jobs in the United States in 2017. 

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That’s a +187K turn-around from Obama’s final year in office, in which America lost 16,000 factory jobs. 

Truly great news for the heartland! But liberal news agencies such as NPR are blaming the turn-around on the “global” economy, as if the other continents didn’t exist during Obama. 

Hilarious commentary on the NPR report by Conservative Tribune:

In fact, NPR was so fair about it that it gave the credit to … pretty much everything else aside from the Trump administration.

“Trump has promised to lead a renaissance in American manufacturing,” the article continued. “The sector has generally been adding jobs since 2010, although the strength of export-oriented factories is strongly tied to what’s happening in the global economy.”

So let’s get this straight: Factory jobs were trending downward, but the first year of the Trump administration saw them skyrocket. But that’s all the global economy, and manufacturing has “generally” been adding jobs.

If Donald Trump literally invented an Iron Man-like suit that allowed him to fly up in the sky and intercept a North Korean ICBM as it was about to hit Washington, D.C., one gets the feeling NPR would run a paean to the company that manufactured the super-light material the suit was made out of and note that the company had been founded during the Obama administration.

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Ironically, most of the super-lightweight construction achievements have been outside of the U.S. for the past few years, thanks to globalism and out-sourcing during the Obama terms. 

Trump inherited a mess. But he’s turning things around one step at a time. 

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