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FLAKY: GOP Senator Jeff Flake DONATES To Democrat Doug Jones Campaign In Alabama!

Senator Jeff Flake probably suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) as badly as any Republican in Washington, siding with Dems vs the POTUS again and again.


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But nobody ever thought it would end up like this. 

Flake has sent a $100 check to Democrat Doug Jones’ campaign for Senate in Alabama, posting a photo of the check to Twitter in grand-standing fashion. 

“Country before party,” Flake wrote on the social media site. 

Jones’ Republican opponent, Judge Roy Moore, has been accused of sexually harassment and in one case, sexual assault of a minor decades ago upon returning home from a military deployment. 

Such allegations are indeed serious, but RINOs like Flake have ignored reports of a personal vendetta and forged signatures playing into the claims. 

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Not to mention that the story originally broke in The Washington Post, a Fake News outlet ran by Harvey Weinstein enabler Jeff Bezos. 

See the tweet below:

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