Whoopi Goldberg Actually Backs Donald Trump

Whoopi Goldberg Actually Backs Donald Trump

The saga between Donald Trump and the 3 UCLA basketball players he freed from China has been remarkable…..remarkably stupid!

That’s if you ask Whoopi Goldberg.  And I have to say, in this case she’s 100% right!  Thank you Whoopi for actually speaking the truth here and supporting our President over these three dopes!

President Trump took it upon himself to free three UCLA basketball players accused of theft while they were in China.  They were facing up to 10 years in a Chinese jail.  

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Until Trump intervened.

While one player did publicly thank Trump, another famously did not, and his father openly attacked Trump.  What a bunch of ingrate fools.

And that’s what Whoopi had to say too, believe it or not.  

“You embarrassed your families, you embarrassed the country, and you embarrassed the president,” Goldberg said. “Now I’m not a big fan of the president, but the fact that he had to call and get your asses out of there is not anything to be proud of or think is cool.”

“If this isn’t the stupidest thing a young person has done, particularly if you’re over six-feet tall, and black—” she continued.

“You kinda stick out,” Sunny Hostin interjected.

“Is this just the ridiculous stupidity of youth?” Goldberg asked, recounting how they were detained for stealing items from a Louis Vuitton store in a foreign country without many black people.

“Now, you’re in China—you’re this big!” she said, reaching high into the air to indicate the players’ height. “It’s not like you’re gonna blend, you’re not going to blend in, run out.”

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She’s right!  

Watch the video below to see the segment live:


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