Americans Band Together, NFL Stadiums EMPTY!

Simple message: respect our flag, anthem and country!


Funny thing…..Americans don’t like it when you disrespect our flag, anthem or country.

And we really don’t like it when you’re receiving millions of dollars in tax breaks to do so, and pulling in million dollar paychecks.

We will tolerate a lot, but eventually we hit our breaking limit and then we vote with our pocketbooks.

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Americans have done that in droves this season, finally saying enough is enough with these unpatriotic, spoiled athletes.  

But perhaps none was as bad as this prior weekend.  Seats open galore!

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Take a look:


This is not just one team or one bad fan base.

This was stadium after stadium of rows of empty seats.  

Papa Johns, ESPN and the NFL cannot sustain much more.  We're talking bankruptcy city, starting very soon.  Then we'll really see these babies start complaining!

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