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We Just Got Attacked By Germany! [From Noah]


Noah here and I have to share something with you.

Many of you follow me on Twitter over at @DailyNoahNews.

We launched that Twitter profile late last year when Elon was buying the platform and we’ve quickly grown to almost 19,000 followers:

If we’re not already connected over there, what are you waiting for?


Now….here’s why I’m telling you this….

Because we were just targeted.


By Germany.

Check out the notice Twitter send me this morning:

Wow, we must be doing something right if we got Germany mad at us!

Guess they didn’t like all the truth we were posting?

How funny that GERMANY of all places is offended by us!

I mean, this is the Country that chose to go to war twice….with the world!  Do I have that correct?

I can’t steal Norm’s joke, just watch one of the best 2 minute segments of stand up to ever be done:

So back to our story…

Apparently, we offended Germany.

Which I take as a compliment.

Also, I proudly note that the Elon had our back 100%, because the email says Twitter investigated and found we did nothing wrong.

Thank you Elon!

So….what is this draconian law we apparently violated?

The German Network Enforcement Act, also known as NetzDG, is a law that was passed in 2017 in Germany. It aims to regulate how social media platforms deal with illegal content such as hate speech, incitement to violence, and fake news.

Under the law, social media companies that have more than 2 million registered users in Germany are required to remove any illegal content from their platforms within 24 hours of receiving a complaint. If the company fails to do so, they can be fined up to 50 million euros.

The NetzDG law was passed because there was growing concern about the spread of hate speech and fake news on social media platforms, and the lack of accountability by these platforms in dealing with this content.

Some people criticize the law, saying that it could lead to censorship and limit free speech. Others argue that it is necessary to protect individuals from harmful and illegal content online.

To make sure the law is followed, the German government has established a special office, called the NetzDG office, which is responsible for monitoring social media platforms and ensuring they comply with the law.

If you see illegal content on social media, you can report it to the NetzDG office or directly to the social media company. The company is then required to remove the content within 24 hours.

In summary, the German Network Enforcement Act is a law that requires social media companies to remove illegal content from their platforms within 24 hours or face fines. It was passed to address growing concerns about hate speech and fake news online, and is enforced by a special office called the NetzDG office.

Nice try Germany!


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