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Bo Polny Right AGAIN? 3/22 A Perfect Hit!


Last Friday, news broke that President Trump was going to be arrested.

The news back then was that it was going to happen on Tuesday.

I did a quick check of the calendar and saw that Tuesday (today) was 3/21.

I instantly had a feeling that based on what Bo Polny told us that it wouldn’t happen on 3/21.

It would happen on 3/22.

That’s the occult “Skull and Bones” date Bo Polny told us about.

And it’s even worse this year because 3/22 is amplified by 2033 which is 3/22 in reverse.

These people love their occult symbols!

So we knew it would happen not on Tuesday but on Wednesday, 3/22 and I told you all that back on Friday.

Now guess what?

We are delayed.

By exactly one day.

To hit 3/22.

Bo nailed it again.

Read my full report from last week:

Bo Polny Returns! “The BEST Of Times…In The WORST Of Times!”

Bitcoin has been going absolutely CRAZY this week so I had to get Bo Polny back on my show, and we did that last night.

Not only has it been a crazy week for Bitcoin, but Bo nailed it to the EXACT day!

Pretty amazing.

As usual, I can’t publish any of Bo’s Newsletters when it comes to future looking dates out of fairness to everyone who is a subscriber, but I can share after the fact and we go over all of it in this latest interview.

Bitcoin rose $3,000 on Monday and then another $2,000 on Tuesday, and Bo told us the week before to watch Monday for an imminent and violent outbreak UP!

We also talk about March 6th, which Bo also nailed to a “T”.  

We cover it all, gold, silver, crypto and future dates to watch for and you’re going to love what’s on Bo’s radar.

Bo’s headline is chosen very carefully:

“It was the best of times….IN the worst of times.”

We explain what that means and how both good and bad is coming, depending on your perspective.

We might have set a record on this one, going about 20 minutes longer than I expected.

So you get a bonus! 🤣

I’ll stop talking and get you right into the interview.

Please enjoy right here on Rumble:

And a backup on YouTube if you prefer that.

Watch here:

And as promised, here are you links to everything you need.

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Big things coming!


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