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“The Entire System Is Set Up For Human Trafficking — And The Taxpayers Are Funding It!”


I had a real pleasure of having two brand new guests on my show today.

I’d like to introduce you to Sylvia Beachy and Kajal Emmett (who goes by KK) from

These are two amazing women and it was a real honor to talk with them today and have them on my show over at The Daily Truth Report.

I have to say first of all that I have no personal connection to the Foster Care System — good, bad or ugly.  It’s just not something I have ever been connected to.

And yet here I am doing back to back interviews about it and it’s capturing my attention!

I came to meet Sylvia and KK after I interviewed Mark and Terri Stemann.

That was another powerful interview and such a terrible story, it still haunts me when I think about it.

And if you missed that interview, you can see it here:

Homeschooling Parents: CPS Stole Our 7 Happy, Healthy Children!

But today with Sylvia and KK we were talking about the Foster Care System and all the fraud and abuse running rampant in the Child Protective Services system.

So sad to see a system that is supposed to HELP children actually causing to much harm and destruction.

That's not my opinion -- that's the direct testimony from Sylvia (who used to be a social case worker) and KK (who was in the system).

Both experienced horrible abuses of children and fraud in the system.

So much so that they've banded together to launch Rescue The Fosters and I'm so excited about what they're doing.

In this interview we talk about both of their experiences, what they've seen, what they've witnessed firsthand, how they were constantly stopped from doing any actual good for children in foster care, and how they saw the fraud and abuse up close.

They also disclose how much each foster family makes off these kids and it will make you sick.

Sure, there are some good people trying to do good things, we talked about that too.

But overall, this is something that either needs reformed or abolished.

Remind you of anything else?

Of course it's a government program, need I say more?

But it was one quote in particular that really stuck out to me:

"The Entire System Is Set Up For Human Trafficking -- And The Taxpayers Are Funding It!"

Folks, "Child Protective Services" is just like The Patriot Act or The Affordable Care Act.

They all sound good on the surface, but then they do the exact opposite of what their name says!

You can find more about their mission over at

Their website is new, so give them some grace....they just recently launched.

I'll tell you one thing, I was so blown away by KK from this interview.

The strength, the insight and the wisdom from this young girl was so powerful and inspiring to me.

You can just tell she has greatness in her and she's on a path to change the world.

And with a mentor and partner like Sylvia, she's in good hands.

I look forward to having these two back on my show in the future for an update.

For now, please enjoy this one and share with anyone who needs to hear it.

Watch here on Rumble:

Backup on Twitter for safe keeping...

Watch here:

And also on YouTube:

Thank you so much to both of you for joining me today and I look forward to talking with you again in the future.

And hearing about all the amazing things you are doing!


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