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Homeschooling Parents: CPS Stole Our 7 Happy, Healthy Children!


This is a major warning call.

Think this can’t happen to you?

Think again.

It’s happening all over our country right now and the stories are mounting.

Let me introduce you to Mark and Terri Stemann.

Mark is a retired 20 year United States Air Force veteran from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Terri was a stay at home mom of 17 years, homeschooling their children.

Mark and Terri have been married for 25 years.

In other words, a wonderful American family, raising their children to be happy, healthy, well-adjusted citizens and not part of the system.

And THAT was the problem.

Suddenly, without warning and without any justifiable cause, they were sent a notice that their oldest daughter was in serious medical risk — a claim that was not supported by any objective data.

In fact, a nurse practitioner issued a report saying the child was in prime physical condition with no issues.

That report didn’t matter.

All 7 children were eventually taken from their home and placed in foster care.



Follow the money.

CPS (Child Protective Services) is incentivized with monetary bonuses the more children they place in Foster Care.

Not with family, or extended family.

Ripping them from good homes, often with no cause.

The story is tragic and I was so happy to have Mark and Terri on my show to tell their story.

First, let me show you what this family looked like before it was upended:

Sure looks happy, healthy and safe to me!

How tragic.

Remember, this is all part of the Marxist destruction of America.

They know the Church and the Family must be destroyed in order for their evil systems to be put in place, so it’s no surprise they are finding new and insidious ways to destroy good families.

Truly terrifying.

Want to know the first clue that this organization does not want to protect families and children?

Simple: just look at the name.

These governmental demons always name their projects the exact opposite of what they actually do.

Exhibit A:  The Patriot Act.

Not much is LESS patriotic than the Patriot Act.

It stole so many freedoms from Americans.

Exhibit B: The Affordable Care Act.

It made healthcare costs skyrocket!

Another huge lie.

Exhibit C: Child Protective Services.

I rest my case.

Now please watch our interview here on Rumble and be sure to watch to the end, where we discuss the growing threat to ALL families:

Backup here on YouTube:

Mark and Terri have started an organization called Let Our Children Go ( ) under the umbrella of The Heritage and Freedom Coalition ( ) for exposure and education of what is happening to so many families and for support to children and families being forced to endure this treacherous system.

Mark and Terri can be reached at:

Please share this message and help us get the word out!


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