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Snake Venom Revisited: “I Was Wrong About Snake Venom…”


Do you remember “Watch The Water”?

It was a documentary from last year that set forth the idea that Snake Venom was behind COVID-19 and/or the poison vaxx.

Sounds wild right?

But it actually made a lot of sense.

So I want to revisit it and show you some new interviews.

The original theory comes from Dr. Ardis who set forth detailed evidence for why he believes it is correct.

I’ll post all of those details before in case you haven’t seen them before.

But now I want to give you an update from Dr. Ardis who now says “I was wrong about Snake Venom” but to be fair that title is a bit tongue-in-cheek.

He’s not backing down…he’s DOUBLING down.

Here is the full interview on Rumble:

More here:

And now, for everyone who has never heard of this before, allow me to give you the FULL story and my take:

WATCH THE WATER: My Take On The Viral New Documentary [Review by NOAH]

Roughly yesterday morning, my Inbox started blowing up with people emailing me a video link and saying I “had to” watch it!

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who sent it to me.

I always love it when you send in something you think we should see.

Sometimes I’ll get 2-3 people sending me the same link, and that usually catches my attention.

This time, it was dozens of people sending it to me.

I’d read one and another one would come in to take it’s place after I finished reading the first email.

This thing was 🚨 RED HOT 🚨 and still is today as I type this.

I’ll give you my thoughts at the end of this article (if you’re curious — scroll down), but first let me introduce you to this video in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Dr. Bryan Ardis sat down with radio host Stew Peters in a stunning interview to discuss Covid-19, Remdesivir, “venom theory,” and much more.

Dr. Ardis gave this preview of “Watch the Water” last week:

Unsurprisingly, the typical media outlets have already branded Dr. Ardis’ interview as the latest outlandish conspiracy theory.

Infowars provided background:

Posted online Monday, the nearly hour-long conversation between Peters and the doctor exposed an important topic that receives little attention.

Essentially, after realizing how odd it was that antivenom medicines like monoclonal antibodies were effectively treating Covid, Dr. Ardis began questioning the narrative that the virus originated from a bat in a Chinese wet market.

“Is Covid a venom, and this is why they don’t want you using monoclonal antibodies?” Dr. Ardis asked.

To answer this question, Dr. Ardis sought out establishment media “fact-checkers” to see if they were attempting to discredit any claims that the source of Covid-19 was a snake and not a bat.

A quick internet search reveals plenty of mainstream media publications admitting at the onset of the Covid outbreak that it may have been derived from snakes.

Scientific American & CNN promoted the snake theory widely at first:

*Source – Infowars*

Cont. from Infowars:

“Every time the snake is mentioned, fact-checkers 1,2,3,4,5,6 constantly fact-check it and spin it to the bats. There is no fact-checking about bats. They keep letting you look at bats,” Dr. Ardis said.

The doctor also claimed that Chinese scientists dismissed the bat theory at the beginning of the Covid outbreak because the type of bats the virus allegedly came from were hibernating at the time.

He also said genetic sequence testing done on sick patients in Wuhan found their genetic sequence matched two snakes, the Chinese Krait and King Cobra, not bats.

A 2021 study also connected the Chinese Krait and King Cobra to the Covid-19 spike protein, stating:

“the discovery of a superantigen-like motif in the S1 Spike protein, as well as two other neurotoxin-like motifs that have peptide similarities to neurotoxins from Ophiophagus (cobra) and Bungarus genera. They conclude that neurotoxin-like motifs are present in SARS-CoV-2 protein products, acting as neurotoxin-like peptides.”

Cont. from Infowars:

Later during the interview, Dr. Ardis touched on the fact that hydroxychloroquine, defamed by the media, has been known to block nicotine receptors in the brainstem from being injured by cobra and viper venom.

Meanwhile, Remdesivir, the drug touted by the medical and media establishments and the only drug approved for human use against Covid in the US, looks shockingly similar to snake venom when stored for medical use.

Under the Emergency Use Authorization for Remdesivir, Dr. Ardis explained that every patient must have their prothrombin time (a measurement judging how long it takes for a clot to form in a blood sample) tested before and during treatment because their blood could start to clot.

Both Remdesivir and King Cobra venom increase prothrombin time in test subjects, and as the doctor noted, a 2021 University of Arizona study examining blood samples from hundreds of people who died after being treated with Remdesivir found the drug raced through their bodies “like venom.”

In the interview, Dr. Ardis theorized the public drinking water supply may be contaminated to spread snake venom to the public.

The theory came after the CDC announced wastewater surveillance is being used to provide an “early warning of COVID-19’s spread in communities.”

“That is completely backwards,” Dr. Ardis said. “If a community has had SARS-CoV-2 go through their body, they already had their symptoms. When they eliminated the virus, supposedly the virus, and it ends up in your wastewater, they no longer have symptoms.”

“They are using the waters systems because they can target certain demographics,” he continued before telling Peters he doesn’t think the people working at local water plants are in on the scheme.

To summarize his theory, Dr. Ardis stated: “They are using Krait venom and Cobra venom, calling it Covid-19, you’re drinking it, it’s getting into your brainstem and it’s paralyzing your diaphragm’s ability to breathe.”

Dr. Ardis touched on the religious angle of a snake’s genes being isolated and then inserted into human DNA around the globe.

“I think this is the plan all along, was to get the serpent’s… the evil one’s DNA into your God-created DNA and they figured out a way to do it through this mRNA technology,” he stated. “They are using mRNA, I believe extracted from the King Cobra venom. I think they want to get that venom inside you and make you a hybrid of Satan, no longer just belonging to God or a creation of God’s.”


Here is the FULL VIDEO via Rumble and then please scroll down below the video to get my thoughts if you’re interested…

It seems to me that about 99% of people who have watched this video are loving it (as judged by how many people emailed it to me).

But I did notice some people are critical or leery of it.

Two guys who I respect a lot, Patel Patriot and Clif High, are both skeptical.

Here’s what Patel Patriot posted yesterday:

Patel cites to Clif High, who wrote this on his Substack:

The Watch The Water “documentary” is being passed around the net like a blunt at a Rastafarian dinner party.

Blunts are good. This ‘documentary’ is not good. In my opinion.

The principal player in this “documentary” is a Dr. Byron Ardis, who is a chiropractor and acupuncturist. This is a problem as the Doctor is touted as a medical doctor and practitioner, yet is not. So there is a presumed layer of ‘credentialism’ on this presentation from the start. The interview does not examine the education (not schooling) that Ardis undertook to be able to make these conclusions. There is no real background on any of the science behind any of the conclusions provided.

Propaganda! was my first impression of this video. The sound track, and the production values reinforced that idea. This movie was NOT made to simply present facts, or an opinion. It was made to SELL an opinion.

To what end? Why do they want to push this view? There is no science provided, just pointers to presumed social engineering and plays for emotionalism based on the viewers’ perspective on current events. In this, it would seem that this effort has been to target a specific demographic of people. Thus the tentative conclusion is that the producers of this video are working an agenda.

Yes, Remdesivir is a shit drug with a tainted history & not good results. Yes, the hospital protocols are killing people. This was known. The video sheds NO new light on any of this, but rather uses these as hooks for engagement with the rest of the material presented which is ALL about snakes & snake venom. All this material is based on assertions, not evidence, that Ardis makes as claims. He provides no evidence, but rather states his conclusions made with medical jargon laden descriptions, none of which are backed up, merely asserted as factual.

Mushrooms and venom of all kinds are two of THE MOST STUDIED biochemical compounds on the planet as they are also THE most reactive within human biochemistry. So it is natural that one may find either, or both, medicinal mushrooms, or venom, employed in almost ANY given medical procedure. There are quite actually THOUSANDS of medical treatments based on venom peptides. As far back as 2200 years ago, the Yellow Emperor’s Medicinal Compendium from China notes the effectiveness of dried venom from snakes as well as snails and sea creatures for medicinal use.

Pick almost ANY medical condition, research into the approaches by all of medicine practitioners going back in time, and you will run into Snakes. Yep, sure and certain. There is a snake down there somewhere.

Ardis doesn’t bring any of this up. Maybe it is because, as a chiropractor, he is basically ignorant of medicinal history. Or maybe he wanted to present this information as though it was ALL targeted to covid. Maybe his goal is to push the idea that ALL the snake stuff was JUST for covid. Maybe he & the video want to use your lack of knowledge about how wide spread venom is within biochemical processes for developing medicines in order to slant the information to present a specific agenda. Maybe?

Maybe it is all clickbait at some level. Maybe the whole agenda behind the video is to warp the understanding of a particular segment of the population in order to further the policy agenda evident in covid. The Deep State does this you know. They deliberately pollute the information stream of the opposition in order to come back later to harvest confusion and sew doubt. It is a tactic in information wars.

It would be interesting to view a body language break-down of this video. There is disharmony being expressed between the words, and the face/gestures. This disharmony further degrades confidence in the presentation.

IMO this video is SO much a propaganda piece, that it begs the question of Who is trying to sell What to Whom and for What tactical reason?

One last point. Venom is highly reactive. This basically means that there are parts of all enzymes that will want to bond with elements (usually oxygen, but also chlorine and others) that will reduce its electrical potential. That is to say, make it more ‘relaxed’ and far less reactive. Thus the idea of dumping any venom, snake or other critter, into a water system is silly. Venom would encounter vast amounts of oxygen, chlorine and all the other chemicals currently polluting the planet. It would be very very unlikely that the venom would survive in a reactive state that would be able to injure your body. And, if the venom was made into a more water stable product, by that very process, it would no longer be reactive enough to cause harm.

Clif is one smart guy, and someone we’ve covered many times here at WeLoveTrump before.

I have a great deal of respect for Clif’s opinion and his research methods and data.

So I present his take for what it’s worth.

Ok, so what’s my take on all of it?

First, I wanted to take my time to watch it and let it sink in.

And watch the dust settle, so I didn’t want to rush to post a knee-jerk reaction yesterday.

Let’s start with the fact that Dr. Ardis is a chiropractor and not an MD.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with that.

I have a good deal of respect for chiros and I don’t happen to think of them as quacks walking around a mall with their skeleton on wheels trying to crack people.

Did you know their level of education actually exceeds that of an M.D. in class hours and courses of study?

It’s true, take a look:

Not only that, but the last two really tells it all for me…

Chiros have additional training in things that promote your body’s ability to heal itself (the way God made it — image that), while MD’s get extra training in Big Pharma.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-doctor but I think chiros get a bad wrap.

Next, I have to comment on Stew Peters…

I have to confess, I haven’t watched much of his show, but as I watched this one thing jumped out at me: he sounds EXACTLY like Tucker Carlson.

Anyone else noticed that?

Listen again.

His pacing and style of talking is so similar to Tucker I have to imagine he’s studied Tucker and tried to mimic him.

It’s not a good or bad thing, I just found it stunning as I listened.

Stew….anytime Tucker is on vacation, you could fill in and most people may not even know there was a guest host!

Ok, now let’s dig in a bit to the meat of the matter.

I’ll cut right to the chase: I have no idea if Dr. Ardis is right or not.

I do know this…I don’t trust anything from BigPharma, from the CDC, from Fraudci, from the NIH, from the World Health Organization or from any other groups like this.

So the portions of the theory that highlight times when these organizations have tried to steer the narrative away from snakes, away from snake venom, away from Nicotine, etc., do hold water for me (sorry for the pun).

I have also always been fascinated that the Snake is universally known as representing Evil and what is the universal symbol for medicine?

Two snakes wrapped around a pole.

Anyone else ever found that odd?

I also know there have been many parts of the COVID story that have just never made sense.

I’m not a doctor, but on a common sense level, there have been so many things that just didn’t fit what they were telling us was the case.

Does a snake venom story clear up some of those holes?  I don’t know for sure.

Last, I do share some of the same concerns that Clif has about this just being a “dog whistle” for the Q community and designed to make patriots look like fools.

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Trust Fox News?

Is that the case?  I’m not sure.

Is Dr. Ardis correct here?  I’m not sure.

Bottom line for me: I’m keeping an open mind here.

“Watch The Water” was one of the earliest Q drops and has not yet been fully explained what it means.  Is this it?  Only time will tell.

Until then, I’m cautiously open-minded about this theory and I thank Dr. Ardis for putting it out there.

I’m curious most of all to know what you think…


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