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Dr. Peter McCullough With Breakthrough “Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula”


Do you know someone who has “died suddenly”?

I bet you do.

Do you know someone who has “died suddenly” from heart issues?

I bet you do.

We certainly know hundreds in the news, many celebrities and athletes.

Suddenly they’ve all developed heart issues!

Gee, what are the odds?

And it’s not just limited to those who took the poison vaxx…

As we learned from Diamond (of Diamond and Silk) it’s very possible you’ve been a victim of “vaccine shedding“.

Think of that like second-hand smoke but it’s second-hand vaccine.

Such evil stuff.

So I always ask one question: ok, what can be done?

And one of the people I like to turn to who has proven trustworthy in all of this mess is Dr. Peter McCullough.

Dr. Peter McCullough has been a voice of reason in the time of COVID hysteria.

As a leading cardiologist, he has worked to educate us all on what – and what isn’t – the science of heart health.

And his warnings about vaccines have proved prescient.

In response to questions about getting hearts to their optimum condition, he created his “Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula” (ordering through this link and the links below also benefits We Love Trump).

While you can get the ingredients individually other places, Dr. McCullough’s formula puts them all in one capsule.


Dr. McCullough says:

My Healthy Heart and Muscle Formula is designed to keep your body’s cardiovascular performance and muscle functionality at its optimum condition. We all live busy and stressful lives but critical nutrients in this newest formula can also prevent overtiredness and fatigue that keep you from seizing the day. I combined D-Ribose Powder to help you maintain body composition and exercise endurance with the power of Coenzyme Q10 and Selenium Citrate to help increase overall cardiac functions.

Together with a Vitamin B Complex to fortify muscles and L-Carnitine to provide energy for heart, muscle, and even brain. This signature formula is all about keeping those core systems healthy. As a physician, I recommend these ingredients to people looking to maintain their hard-earned gains, recovering from illness, or boosting their nutrient intake as part of managing conditions related to your health.

To order Dr. McCullough’s “Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula,” click here.

About Dr. Paul Alexander

Dr. Paul E. Alexander, Ph.D, is a leading fighter for medical freedom and opposing medical censorship.

A COVID-19 Consultant Researcher in Evidence-Based Medicine (EMB), Research Methodology, and Clinical Epidemiology, Dr. Alexander’s groundbreaking researching led him to joining up with Liberty Tree and working to improve healthcare outcomes naturally.

“I stand behind Liberty Tree’s work and products because I’ve seen the effort we’ve put into them – and because it’s the only company in this market that also shares my values of true research, medical freedom, and standing opposed to scientific censorship.”

-Dr. Paul Alexander

About Liberty Tree

Liberty Tree is a brand developed to protect the health of Americans, invest in conservative media, and defend the values that made this country great – all while rejecting the corrupting influence of Big Pharma and the big government bureaucrats.

Backed by legendary COVID-19 researcher and medical freedom pioneer Dr. Paul E. Alexander, all products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We provide the highest quality health, wellness, and lifestyle products that are proudly sourced here in the United States.

To order Dr. McCullough’s “Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula,” click here.


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