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HUGE Win For Conservatives In Education


In America, we realize that a separation between religious institutions and the state is paramount…Just look at places where theocrats rule.

For the same reasons we find a separation of religious authorities and the state so necessary, we must also separate state and education.

State control of education is no different than allowing the church to rule over the state, they are the same thing, they merely appear to look different at first glance.

Ideological control is the main goal of ‘education’ in America and those ‘educators’ are merely indoctrinators—tools and agents of the state, whose main concern is conditioning your children and their behavior.

Make no mistake, there is no education involved—schools teach zero practical skills, financial education, or even critical thinking skills, despite claiming otherwise, schools teach children what to think never how to think.

Nothing could be more emblematic of this than Biden and Garland’s attack on parental rights in education and the labeling of concerned parents as ‘domestic terrorists‘.

Those who dared to question the steady regimen of state indoctrination were labeled as ‘terrorists’ and parents across the nation shook their heads in disbelief, wondering how it could have come to this…

Highly partisan (leftist) groups such as the National Parents and Family Engagement Council epitomize the near-complete grip that leftists and American communists have over our education system.

Today I am happy to report that conservatives have scored a major victory against leftist control over education.

America First Legal and two other conservative organizations filed a lawsuit against the group, claiming that the group was illegal, highly partisan, and far from balanced and fair.

Gene Hamilton, VP and General Counsel for AFL, proudly stated:

“This is a significant victory for the American people. It was just a little over a year ago that the Biden Administration, through Attorney General Merrick Garland, made the decision to target parents for speaking out at school board meetings. Our lawsuit targeted their faux ‘National Parents and Families Engagement Council’ and the Administration’s attempt to use it to paper over their open hostility towards parents and families. While we continue to seek justice and accountability for the issuance of the Attorney General’s absurd October 2021 memorandum that initiated this whole sequence of events, we are tremendously proud to have partnered with other concerned patriots to effectively end the Biden Administration’s faux Council.”

If it were up to me, I would disband the Department of Education and create a constitutional amendment to permanently remove control of education away from the state, but for now, this victory has to be enough…

Here’s more on the story:

According to The Epoch Times:

The groups have agreed to dismiss their lawsuit without prejudice in the wake of the DOE’s recent decision, the two-page filing reads. Conservative leaders welcomed the government announcement, seeing it as a sweeping victory in the fight for parental rights.

When launching its July lawsuit (pdf), AFL said the council was designed to mask what it called the Biden administration’s anti-child and anti-family actions, including the government’s effort to keep public schools closed, and the National School Boards Association scandal. In a controversial 2021 letter to President Joe Biden, the association called on the Department of Justice to investigate parents under domestic terrorism laws.


Fox News had more:

Organizations selected for the council included Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and multiple pro-Black Lives Matter groups, including Mocha Moms Inc., United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN), and UnidosUS.


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