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Mark Finchem Shocks CBS Anchor: Announces Democrat Blows Whistle on “35,000 Manufactured Votes”


It’s the interview Democrats are talking about.

Mark Finchem, who’s running for Secretary of State in Arizona, has committed to securing the state’s elections.


He’s committed to election transparency, integrity, and ensuring that the rule of law is followed.

During a 1 hour interview with CBS, Finchem announced that a Democrat whistleblower came forward about “35,000 manufactured votes.”

To be clear, Biden allegedly won Arizona by a mere 10,000 votes.

If 35,000 votes were truly manufactured for Democrats, then President Trump would have won the state.

Here’s the clip that has Democrats shaking in their boots:

Democrats appear to be so scared that CNN ran an entire hit piece on Mark Finchem.

According to CNN, Finchem is an “election denier,” rather than someone who simply wants to restore law and order:

New polling conducted by CNN shows election deniers in Arizona and Nevada running strong in their bids to be the top election officials in their respective states, a concerning development as the country begins to prepare for the next presidential election.

In Arizona, Republican Mark Finchem takes 49% among likely voters to 45% for Democrat Adrian Fontes in the secretary of state race. In Nevada’s secretary of state contest, Republican Jim Marchant is at 46% among likely voters, while Democrat Cisco Aguilar takes 43%. Both results are within the margin of error, meaning there is not a clear leader in either race.

Finchem and Marchant have made very clear that they believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump – despite the fact that no evidence exists to back up that claim.

Finchem has pushed to “decertify” the 2020 results in Arizona, where Joe Biden won by just over 10,000 votes. He was a prominent backer of the Maricopa County recount of ballots. (Despite the partisan nature of the recount, it affirmed that Biden had won.)

Finchem was also in Washington for the January 6, 2021, “Stop the Steal” rally. And he tweeted of the rioters: “What happens when the People feel they have been ignored, and Congress refuses to acknowledge rampant fraud.” Finchem has denied any involvement in the riot and has not been charged with anything.

On the one-year anniversary of the riot, Finchem falsely tweeted that the “real insurrection” was how Democrats in the state “rigged the vote in Arizona with tens of thousands of fraudulent votes.”

It’s funny how the Democrat establishment always mocks people like Finchem by calling them “election deniers,” when their entire party was in deniable about Trump’s historic 2016 win over Hillary Clinton.

Fortunately, we have a copy of the Democrat whistleblower’s claims.

Read below:

Furthermore, if you want to watch Finchem’s entire 1 hour interview, we recommend watching it here.

He truly outperformed himself and shocked the CBS reporter:

Polling continues to suggest that Finchem will win the Secretary of State race in Arizona.

With election day less than a month away, Finchem’s victory seems more and more likely.

And it is becoming ever clearer that the people of Arizona want free and fair elections!

As the election draws closer, the media grows more fervent in their criticism of Finchem.

In fact, it’s almost as bad as the media coverage of President Trump.

Take a look at the following article from MSNBC:

Mark Finchem is a craven liar.

Finchem is the Donald Trump-endorsed extremist and Colonel Sanders look-alike vying to become Arizona’s secretary of state and take control of the state’s elections.

And he’s an enemy of democracy. He’s a member of the Oath Keepers extremist militia; he appeared outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6; he has parroted Trump’s lies about fraud costing him the 2020 presidential election; and he unsuccessfully tried to ban voting machines in Arizona.

Finchem’s campaign emerged from a muck of Republican lies, and weeks out from Election Day, those lies — along with his hopes of running Arizona’s elections — seem like they’re crumbling in humiliating fashion.

Remember a couple of weeks back, when Finchem effectively admitted that Trump’s lies about election fraud were baseless?

Now, Finchem has been caught in a lie from that same debate, where he said: “I don’t care for mail-in voting — that’s why I go to the polls.”

Arizona-based journalist Dillon Rosenblatt reported Wednesday that public records show that Finchem has voted by mail in 28 of Arizona’s previous 30 elections. In other words, as Rosenblatt wrote, “Finchem votes by mail almost 100% of the time.”

If not for Finchem’s crusade against mail-in voting, his use of a mail-in ballot would not be an issue. An overwhelming majority of Arizonans — that is, across the political spectrum — vote by mail. That’s part of the reason that Finchem and fellow right-wing conspiracy theorist Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for Arizona governor, have been denounced by voters of all stripes.

Now, folks, does that seem like OBJECTIVE journalism to you?

Or does that read like a hit piece?

No wonder ever day people are trusting the mainstream media less and less!

If you enjoyed the CBS interview above, you may also enjoy this bonus clip.

Watch as the CBS anchor appears to get VERY triggered!



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