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Durham Report Update!


Lock them all up!

Devin Nunes has said pretty directly that he expects the Durham report to send several senior-level Obama staffers to prison…

That assertion was somewhat upset by recent reports that the entire investigation may be over, with no convictions or lengthy prison sentences for anyone.

What isn’t widely reported was what the investigation uncovered and the implications of those discoveries.

The revelation that Igor Danchenko was on the F.B.I. payroll for over a year is one, and the role of Hillary Clinton is another, but the overt corruption of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the real takeaway.

Outlining the corruption of the F.B.I. and the higher echelons of unelected bureaucrats in America is what truly matters, and on that front, I would say that Durham’s investigation has succeeded with flying colors.

Unfortunately, the culmination of all that work may be buried for a long time…

Nunes is afraid that Merrick Garland may attempt to hide or otherwise suppress the report—perhaps destroy it altogether.

Something tells me that he isn’t wrong to be afraid, but we have to read between the lines here: if this investigation and the subsequent report achieved a whole lot of nothing, then why attempt to suppress it?

Nunes sat down with John Solomon and Amanda Head to discuss the investigation:

According to Sebastian Gorka, Kash Patel, and other notable pundits, John Durham has something big in the works…

Perhaps actual arrests are, in fact, coming; perhaps he is about to drop an absolutely earth-shattering report that would finally blow the lid off of this entire thing.

What happened in the Russia collusion story and what continues to happen with the weaponization of both the F.B.I. and DOJ makes Watergate look like a picnic.

Conservative Brief provided more clarity:

Now, Nunes worries that the report will never see the light of day.

Nunes said Attorney General Merrick Garland “seems to be kind of a puppet for the Left” and questioned whether he’ll “bury the report.”

Back in February during his confirmation hearing, Garland refused to definitively say that he would make Durham’s final report available to the public.



Earlier this year, The New York Post, wrote:

Since 2016, Hillary Clinton has been trolling Donald Trump on social media over his alleged ties to Russia, calling him “Putin’s Puppet.”

But Special Counsel John Durham’s probe has uncovered the truth about who was Putin’s Puppet. It was Clinton herself.


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