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REPORTS: Fugitive Facebook Founder Alive, But On The Run From The CIA


This is a very interesting story I recently came across.

It’s not new, but I’d never seen it before.

And in light of what we now know about the three-letter agencies, you have to view these things in a different light.

Who do you trust when you read a story like this?

Let me get into the details and then you can judge for yourself…

Let me introduce you to Paul Ceglia, who claims to have hired Mark Zuckerberg to develop Facebook, and then Zuck stole the company.

He’s now on the run, claiming the CIA will kill him if they ever catch him.

Sound far-fetched?

It might be, except one of the top law firms in the world — DLA Piper — represented him in his claim, so they must not have found it all that crazy.

Take a look:

DLA Piper would later withdraw from the case:

The DailyMail explains some of the basic facts of what’s going on here:

The self-styled co-founder of Facebook, who disappeared while on house arrest in March 2015, has said he and his family alive and well, but still fleeing a CIA plot to kill him.

Paul Ceglia, 43, claimed in 2010 that he owned 84 per cent of Facebook per an alleged 2003 contract with Mark Zuckerberg. In 2012 he was charged with altering documents to bolster his claim.

Now he and his family – wife Iasia, two teen sons and dog Buddy – are on the run after they fled last year. And according to Bloomberg, Ceglia still fears for his life.

In emails sent to the site from August 3-8, Ceglia said he and his family had fled abroad and were now living under the radar, lest the CIA kill them.

Police entered his home in Wellsville, New York, on March 5 to find his ankle bracelet connected to a contraption that was designed to make it look like he was walking around his home.

Ceglia claims that he had a ‘very credible’ threat that he would be arrested on new charges, jailed and killed – and had to flee before that happened.

‘I felt I had no one in government I could trust,’ Ceglia wrote in one of four e-mails.

‘An opportunity presented itself, so I MacGyver’d some things together and started running for my life.’

In 2012, Ceglia was accused of doctoring evidence and placed on house arrest. He and his family vanished in 2015, leaving ankle bracelet behind

He says the reason for the supposed plot against his life is that his fraud trial might reveal involvement by the CIA’s venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel, in Facebook.

Exactly what that alleged involvement was is not clear.

I saw this posted online today and cannot verify the veracity of it.

Merely posting for you to read and decide for yourself:

We do know Facebook has a history with the three-letter agencies, don’t we?

Do we all remember the DARPA project called LifeLog that was suddenly shut down the exact same day “Facebook” launched?

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

And then we have Paul Ceglia, in the middle of it all.

Some have called him a “fraudster”:

According to Wikipedia, Ceglia is currently still residing in Ecuador:

As of 2021, Ceglia remains in Ecuador and is expected to seek asylum and citizenship there.[21]

Above The Law had more analysis of the case and DLA Piper’s involvement:

We’ve devoted a lot of coverage to Paul Ceglia’s lawsuit claiming an ownership stake in Facebook because it’s kind of funny. Come on, we have a so-called “inveterate scam artist,” whose only profession besides apparent hucksterism involves something with wood claiming 50% to 84% ownership in the signature website of our times.

That’s funny.

And we keep covering Ceglia because it just keeps getting funnier. Ceglia just replaced his counsel, again. Next up to take on Facebook on Ceglia’s behalf is Jeffrey Lake, a small firm lawyer out in San Diego. A Google cache of his website reveals that Lake has represented “nearly 200 Medical Cannabis Collectives,” so I’m sure he’s up for the challenge of taking on Facebook.

Really, a guy like Lake seems like the kind of guy that should have been repping Ceglia all along. Which brings us to the firm Lake replaced: DLA Piper. I don’t know guys, maybe the strategy of having so many offices that you need to take any available case isn’t the best?

DLA Piper withdrew from the Ceglia case. The circumstances are as yet unclear: we don’t know if Ceglia booted DLA or if DLA ran screaming from the case. But why represent Ceglia in the first place? Remember, by taking up this case, DLA Piper threw its reputation in with Ceglia’s.

Here’s what Henry Blodget said when DLA Piper first showed up on the scene:

DLA Piper took on Ceglia’s case very recently, after performing “weeks” of due diligence to persuade itself that Ceglia’s claims were valid.

As part of its due diligence process, DLA Piper says, it performed an electronic analysis of the contract Ceglia provided. The firm says this analysis made it confident the contract has not been doctored…

We think that, if the emails and contract Ceglia produced are indeed fake, the fraud should be easy to expose (so easy, in fact, that we imagine DLA Piper’s investigators would already have exposed it — which leads us to question whether the emails and contract really are fake).


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