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Sheriff Issues Stark Warning About HIGHLY Lethal Designer Drug


I am a big believer in ending the drug war—the government has clearly failed in this regard (and just about every other regard).

Turns out that when something is banned by the state, take alcohol, for example, the predictable (and only) effect is a sprawling black market—the only people who want drugs to remain illegal are the drug dealers themselves…

You know, the ATF, CIA, and FBI-backed cartels and their American Congressional associates.

That being said, I also believe that consenting adults can only make those choices with the full transparency of what they are actually doing, and virtually no one consents to consume or seeks out the highly lethal drug known as fentanyl.

This drug, usually used to cut other drugs, is incredibly unsafe in virtually any dosage you can see with your naked eye, not to mention deceptive in its distribution—most people consuming it believe they are consuming something else.

This month we are witnessing the deception deepen with the advent of brightly colored fentanyl meant to mimic the appearance of candy.

Law enforcement officials claim that this is done with the specific intent to target children…

According to them, this influx of fentanyl from the U.S.-Mexico border is a direct result of Biden’s complete lack of sensible border policies.

Here’s what pundits and public officials are saying:


Sheriff Kieran Donahue explained to Fox News:

Donahue described the cartels targeting children with rainbow fentanyl, as “absolutely sickening.”

“Little children thinking that they may be candy-like Sweet Tarts or Skittles. They could eat these,” Donahue warns.

“They’re simply going to die from ingesting these pills.”


The Hill states:

Authorities recently made two seizures of rainbow fentanyl resembling sidewalk chalk in the Portland, Ore., area.

Another large batch of the drug was recently recovered in West Virginia, where authorities seized about 15,000 multi-colored pills from one individual.


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