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UPDATE: Was the Ukrainian Cargo Plane That Crashed in Greece Carrying NATO Weapons For Sell to Hezbollah?


A Ukrainian cargo plane carrying 11 tons of weapons, including mortar shells and land mines, crashed in a fireball explosion in northern Greece over the weekend.

Ukrainian Cargo Plane Carrying 11 TONS of Weapons Crashes in Fireball Explosion (VIDEO)

The official story is that the Ukrainian An-12 of the Meridian airline was transporting the weapons from Serbia to Bangladesh with eight Ukrainian crew members onboard.

All eight Ukrainian crew members were killed in the fiery crash.

*Note – Some reports stated the Ukrainian cargo plane was bound for Jordan*


However, is there more to this story than meets the eye?

“The crash of the An-12 suggests that Kyiv is not only selling weapons that the West supplies to it, but also clearly sharing profits with agents from the United States,” according to Alexander GRISHIN.

*NOTE – This Rumor is Currently Unconfirmed*

Nevertheless, let’s review Grishin’s report.

GRISHIN writes:

Recall, the An-12 cargo plane of the Ukrainian airline “Meridian” crashed on the evening of July 16 in Greece, about 12 kilometers from the small town of Kavala. According to the official, there were approximately 12 tons of “probably dangerous” cargo on board. In any case, the Greek rescuers who arrived at the scene were not allowed to carry out work at first, limiting their presence to at least a kilometer to the nearest flaming hearths, due to the secondary detonation of the cargo residues, and after the secondary detonation they were dressed in airtight just in case suits. What terrified both the locals and the world press. But no signs of remnants of chemical weapons or nuclear materials could be found. Which is not surprising, since the An-12 was not carrying weapons of mass destruction, but not training mines, as the authorities said.


According to information published by the NEZYGAR Telegram channel, the plane was carrying weapons that Ukraine resold from its stocks received from Western countries.

NEZYGAR’s report [Translated]

A Ukrainian cargo plane of the An family, carrying 12 tons of ammunition from Serbia to Jordan, fell the first victim of Biden’s visit to Israel.

After the conclusion of a strategic cooperation agreement between the CIA and the Mossad, Jerusalem decided to prevent the delivery of military cargo of Western weapons, which Kyiv sold to the military wing of Hezbollah.

More than a hundred Nlow ATGMs, 55 Stingers and about a hundred more Javelin ATGMs, as well as 500 Kalashnikov and BK assault rifles for them, and more than 100 RPG 30 units and ammunition were sold to a Hezbollah representative on June 28, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the direct order of Kirill Budanov.

The cost of the deal was $9 million, including transportation costs and a commission for a Serbian organized crime group specializing in smuggling. From the territory of Jordan, the cargo was supposed to get to Palestine along the land corridor.

However, by coincidence, just at the end of the visit of the US delegation to Israel, this deal was not destined to come true. Although, an advance payment in BTC, to cold wallets in the UAE, was received in the amount of $3 million.

Screenshots of the translation from NEZYGAR:


Why such a route, why left hand right ear? Why was it necessary to smuggle the entire consignment first to Serbia by ground smuggling, and then fly from Serbia to Jordan, so that Hezbollah representatives there could pick up the purchased weapons and smuggle them to Palestine through their smuggling corridors? Wouldn’t it have been easier for Ukraine’s military intelligence to load the aircraft somewhere in their own country, where they can ensure complete confidentiality and guarantee the absence of interest and potential third-party observers? The answer is simple. Ukrainian planes cannot now fly over the territory of Ukraine due to a special operation carried out by Russia, and, accordingly, every takeoff, even from an airfield in western Ukraine, is monitored by Russian Aerospace Forces in real time. But just a plane of a Ukrainian company, if it flies not to Ukraine, no one is particularly interested. Airlines from Ukraine now fly all over the world, except for their home country – because of the above reasons, trying to make money on anything.


But what appeared to be the strength of the deal turned out to be its main weakness. According to the Telegram channel, Biden’s current visit to Israel played a fatal role for the An-12 pilots and those behind the deal. His team concluded a strategic cooperation agreement between the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad. And, most likely, it was after this (or for this) that the Americans, according to NEZYGAR, shared information about this delivery with the Israelis. Well, then it was already a matter of technology for one of the most formidable intelligence services of our time, one of the main specializations of which is precisely the fight against Hezbollah.

According to Grishin, two things have been revealed:

  1. “Ukraine resells the weapons it receives from NATO on an industrial scale”
  2. “If American intelligence shared such information with the Mossad, then Budanov’s entourage is simply stuffed with CIA employees or agents who have access to the deepest secrets of Ukrainian intelligence and the Ukrainian president’s team.”

*NOTE – This Rumor Remains Unconfirmed*

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