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2,000 Mules ‘Fact Checkers’ Get Fact Checked


The left-wing doublespeak is unreal with this one…

If we are talking about using cell phone data to track abortion—in that case, the efficacy of the geolocation data is all too accurate, so accurate, that it poses an Orwellian-style threat to the freedom of women everywhere.

However, when ‘fact-checkers’ are discussing using cell phone geolocation to gain insight into election fraud, according to them, the data is too ‘inaccurate’ to draw any conclusions—the tech simply isn’t that precise.

2,000 Mules has been attacked by mainstream media propaganda pushers claiming that the methods used to pin down ballot trafficking are unreliable at best.

In what appears to be a coordinated attack, the Associated Press, PolitiFact, and Reuters all claim that tracking cell phone data can only provide extremely rough estimates of where a particular subject is…

These assertions contradict claims made by mainstream outlets in the past which claim that tracking cell phone data is an excellent means of understanding and gaining insight into criminal activity.

Let’s examine their claims and the pushback:

The left-wing ‘fact-checkers’ at Politifact claim:

Mayer, the University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientist, said it’s not credible to rely on the cell phone data to conclude that these 400,000 ballots were illegal.

Such geospatial data is not precise enough to prove without uncertainty that a person submitted a ballot to a drop box, only that they came within a short distance of it, the Associated Press reported.


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Our friends over at the Red State Observer fired back:

That’s simply not true. In the first sentence of the quote, the writer says that experts say that a smartphone can be reliably tracked within a few meters.

Depending on what “a few” means in this case, that could be six or nine feet. That’s hardly leaving a healthy amount of uncertainty. Also, we’re not just talking about one visit to a ballot box.

Pieces in the Washington Post and the New York Times also characterize cellphone location data as quite specific and reliable.


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