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Is “2000 Mules” Investigator Gregg Phillips about to Expose a “Multinational Deal Involving Billions of Dollars”?


There’s so much going on in the world that it’s hard to keep up. One of the biggest stories of the last month has been the revelations released in the latest investigative documentary “2000 Mules” by Dinesh Desouza. While he gets a lot of the credit, the fact is that there were tons of people involved that made the documentary possible. One of those people is Gregg Phillips. For those that are not aware of his resume, let’s give a quick refresher courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

Gregg Phillips is the senior adviser with Get Georgia Right PAC.  Gregg has been in conservative politics for 40 years, working with committees, parties, campaigns, and election intelligence operations. He has built political apps including GROUND, ARC, and IV3. Gregg was also a founder and Managing Partner of the pro-Gingrich SuperPac, Winning Our Future, and election intelligence company, OPSEC Group. Gregg is currently working with Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote in their historic investigation of Democrat ballot trafficking in the 2020 election.

Clearly he is no slouch. Gregg Phillips, the lead investigator in the film has kept things very close to the vest following the release of the film. It’s for good reason considering the political explosions that have taken place after the film’s release. Take Yuma County, Arizona for example. As of this writing there are over 20 open cases of election fraud being investigated.

Well, things are about to get even crazier. According to a recent, rare interview, Gregg Phillips revealed that there are more bombshells much bigger than what was featured in the film that he and Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote are getting ready to release to the public. Gateway Pundit has more on this.

Catherine and Gregg told The Gateway Pundit that they discovered that 7% of mail-in ballots were trafficked during the 2020 election.   The investigators told us their evidence will be released following the movie launch next month.

But that’s not even scratching the surface. There’s much more they have waiting to be released.

Gregg Phillips joined Patel Patriot on the Power Hour on Saturday.

During the discussion Gregg dropped this bomb — According to Gregg, True the Vote team has uncovered a multinational player involving federal agencies that will be so explosive that, according to Gregg, “It’s going to make everybody forget everything about the mules, and it’s going to bring into question everything we think we know about these elections.”

Considering the significance of what has happened as a result of the film, this statement has massive implications. Given who it’s coming from, a man that is known to never exaggerate, it could be possible that everything we know about election is going to change even more… and not for the best.

According to other interviews and reports coming out, True the Vote and Phillips uncovered this multi-national operation during their investigation for 2000 mules. Apparently, there has been tremendous efforts made by the opposition to get in the way of this information getting out. In fact, Phillips mentions many betrayals he and the team have experienced in bringing these revelations to light.

While they are keeping things under wraps, Phillips did share some details and hints about what we can expect:

We have a few issues coming up that are more explosive than the (2000) Mules, that are more likely to divide this country even further. Catherine and I spend a lot of time every single day really not just praying through it, but thinking through, how do we actually do this? Because once these come out, there’s one in particular. It’s a multinational deal. It involves billions of dollars.

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There is irrefutable evidence. We’ve been involved in a major counterintelligence operation that’s very mature in this country, involving federal agencies and us. And there’s been some betrayals along the way. There have been some issues along the way. But once we get to the point where this is ready to go, it’s going to make everybody forget everything about the mules, and it’s going to bring into question everything we think we know about these elections. Everything. I can say that with 100% certainty.

Here’s the clip of Phillips talking about the situation.

Sounds like we need to fasten our seatbelts as the swamp is about to get stirred once more and a lot sooner than some people would have expected. If you’d like to watch the entire interview with Gregg Phillips, we’ve embedded the full episode below. It’s a fascinating listen.



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