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Prophetic Word of the LORD to President Donald Trump and Melania: “ANY DAY, ALL AT ONCE!”


I got a message from a reader today (Lisa, last name withheld for privacy) which I thought was so good I had to share with you.

Lisa wrote me the following:

Hi Noah,

Not to tell you how to write your newsletters or anything because I think you do a phenomenal job.  I’ve been following you for over a year from around the time you said Simon Parker was a fake.  Remember that guy who said that Donald Trump had invoked marshall law to prevent the takeover of the Presidency by the imposter and chief Biden?  Simon said it was top secret – yet he published everything on YouTube.  People were so fragile and vulnerable back then, they wanted so desperately to believe it.

Anyway, things are pretty dire at this time in our country – no matter what way you turn there is always some sinister action taken by the Evil Left to try to eliminate our freedoms and destroy our way of life.

Soooo – we could really use some powerful words of encouragement from one of the stronger profits about right now – or from someone like Bo Polny.  BTW I loved his last presentation and how he paralleled the events that are occurring in today’s time to the Bible timeline and the Book of Revelations.

We could even use a word or two from Hank Kunneman, but understand he’s not exactly your favorite right now.

There is only doom and gloom coming out of the conservative news today which is very depressing and we could all use a lift.  Forget the naysayers who always comment negatively about what the profits have to say – they are in the minority.  We could all use some words of support at this time

Just thought I’d add my two cents.

Thank you so much!


I was so touched by Lisa’s message that #1 I had to share it with you, and #2 I had to take action.

Because I agree with everything she said 100%.

By the way, I always love hearing from you even if I don’t always have time to write back to each message (I get an average of 500 emails each day, and just reading them is often all I can keep up with).

But I do read them and I enjoy them very much, so please keep sending them!

You can also write to me if you want, I did finally decide to accept mail:

Yes, I Am Finally Accepting Mail From You!

Now back to Lisa's message...

She is exactly right with what she is saying and I agree 100%.

I also just happened to get an alert about this latest video from Timothy Dixon right after I got her email and the timing could not have been more perfect.

If you're looking for an uplifting message of hope, but also one build on a firm foundation, this is what you need to listen to.

My friends, the shift is coming ANY DAY and ALL AT ONCE...

The RedSea will close...ANY DAY now and ALL AT ONCE.

Hang in there, it's coming!

Watch and enjoy this brand new message from Timothy Dixon right here:


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