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ONI Deputy Director: We Are Not Aware Of ANY Foreign Adversary With Aircraft Lacking Visible Propulsion


As we speak, Congress is holding the 1st public hearing on the UFO/UAP topic in 50 years…

While this is a historic day, we are seeing much of the same run-around that public officials and intelligence representatives have given us on the topic since the 1940s.

Project Bluebook reportedly closed down 50 years ago, but we now know that this was not the end of the security apparatus’ inquiry into unidentified flying objects…

That being said, the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence has said some interesting things during the proceedings: namely, that we know of no foreign adversary with aircraft lacking visible means of propulsion…

Deputy Director Bray also paints the picture that we have no idea what these things are and where they came from, or the intelligence community is playing dumb, and is still withholding a vast majority of the information relating to UAPs.

11 near misses with U.S. aircraft, interference with our ICBMs, and only 1 out of 140 sightings explained in the previous declassified intelligence report are just some of the items which sorely need to be addressed.

Despite this chronic lack of information, and the clear bureaucratic inefficiency when it comes to unidentified flying objects, officials at the hearings have called the phenomenon a ‘potential national security threat’…

Allegations that the military industrial complex and defense agencies are using the narrative of ‘national security threats’ from outer space to secure more funding persist—especially among figures such as Dr. Steven Greer.

We will bring you more information on the topic as it becomes available to us, but for now, you can tune into the live hearing via the YouTube video below:

According to CNN:

Carson warned in his opening remarks at the hearing, “This hearing and our oversight work has a simple idea at its core: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are a potential national security threat. And they need to be treated that way.”



Fox News explains:

The government has said that UAP “probably lack a single explanation.”

Neither classified nor unclassified reports from the government so far rule out space aliens.

But other possible explanations are “airborne clutter” like birds and balloons, “natural atmospheric phenomena,” like ice crystals, highly classified U.S. government programs, or “foreign adversary systems” from Russia, China or other countries.


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