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Something VERY strange is going on with Kathy Barnette, Dr. Oz and President Trump…

This website is called “WeLoveTrump” for a reason, because we have strongly supported him through thick and thin since 2015…

But we know when something isn’t right and his endorsement of Dr. Oz and attacks on Kathy Barnette don’t seem right.

For those of you not following the story, let me catch you up.

First, President Trump endorsed Dr. Oz for Senate in PA.

That was strange and many people were immediately confused and concerned…Dr. Oz is NOT the candidate we want, for so many reasons.

We’ve covered it extensively here on WeLoveTrump, but here are a few samples to catch up if you need to see why we do NOT support Mehmet Oz:

The Video Dr. Oz Doesn’t Want You To See…His Support of Roe vs. Wade (please don’t share)


The Video Dr. Oz Doesn’t Want You To See…His Support of Roe vs. Wade (please don’t share)


Does Dr. Oz Support Transgender…and Spirit Cooking?

But then people starting looking into the other candidates and many of us really liked Kathy Barnette.

Why choose Mehmet Oz over Kathy Barnette, we started asking?

It made no sense.

This was the answer given:

So...what are those things in her past?

Well, it appears to be a video she made in 2020 as BLM was burning down all of our major U.S. cities.

She made a video and then posted it to Twitter tagging it with #BLM and #DefundThePolice.

Well, there you have it, she clearly supported BLM and DefundThePolice, no more investigation needed, right?

In the words of Monty Python:

Except....that's not what happened at all.

The people making this attack are either extremely lazy or extremely dishonest or both, because if you watch the video she posted you quickly realize she's not supporting BLM at all, she is absolutely excoriating it!

And she used the #Hashtags to get attention to her video, not as support.

It's basic social media use that any 10 year old would understand immediately.

I've got the FULL VIDEO for you below, but first here are a few highlights I picked out as I watched:

She calls BLM "thugs" who are taking over our nation...

She tells the story of how these "thugs" killed a one-year old child...

She calls them "so-called activists" and "spineless leaders" who allow the destruction of our nation.


"I am so devastated, this has to stop!  No one's lives matter when you can't even take your family to a picnic."


"How is this improving my black life right now?


"Defunding the police is STUPID people!"


"Abolishing the police is STUPID people!"

I could go on and on, but maybe you (and President Trump) should just watch the video.

I've got it for you right here on Rumble:

Posobiec was all over it too:

From Barnette herself:

So much better than Mehmet Oz, exactly right Lisa:

Speaking of Oz, he actually DID support BLM:

No one is buying the attack on Barnette, we all see right through it:

Hashtags explained for the low-IQ in the group:

President Trump, are you listening?

Here is Kathy herself explaining why she is #ProLife:

She's also the ONLY candidate in PA not already bought and paid for by the Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum!


But I want to know what YOU think...


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