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(WATCH): Michele Bachmann Talks WHO Pandemic Treaty, “Biggest Global Power Grab We Have Seen in Our Lifetimes”


Former Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on Bannon’s War Room to discuss the World Health Organization’s attempted coup against the sovereignty of every nation.

She relayed the upcoming vote in Geneva over the Biden Administration’s amendments that would cede U.S. sovereignty to the WHO over national healthcare decisions.

Bachmann called it “the biggest global power grab that we have seen in our lifetimes.”


“The Biden Administration is bringing amendments that would propose that all nations of the Earth cede their sovereignty over national healthcare decisions to the WHO,” Bachmann said.

“The WHO would have decision making authority to intervene into United States government policy and any nation in the world without our permission,” she added.

She provided the example of Shanghai’s lockdowns and explained the WHO would have the authority to impose those policies in the United States for whatever pretext they want.

“What this does Steve, bottom-line, is it creates a platform for global governance through the WHO,” Bachmann stated.

Watch the full clip on Rumble:

More info on the WHO’s unprecedented power grab at En-Volve:

On May 22nd, the World Health Organization (WHO) will vote on whether or not to strip 194 countries, including the United States, of their sovereignty.

As part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset goal, the WHO is aiming to alter a treaty that would give them global control over human health.

The WHO World Health Assembly will vote on the issue from May 22 to 28.

In a new video, The Pulse’s Joe Martino interviews Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, a member of the steering committee of the World Council for Health, who points out that the treaty gives the WHO:

… an inordinate amount of power to make decisions in sovereign countries as to how people live and how they deal with pandemics, from lockdowns to mandates over treatment.”

In an open letter on the WHO’s pandemic treaty, the World Council for Health writes, in part:

“The proposed WHO agreement is unnecessary, and is a threat to sovereignty and inalienable rights. It increases the WHO’s suffocating power to declare unjustified pandemics, impose dehumanizing lockdowns, and enforce expensive, unsafe, and ineffective treatments against the will of the people.

It’s the usual Marxist one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone will be on the same page and science will cater to GLOBAL political whims.

It will cost millions of dollars or more and money will be laundered by them and their pickpockets.

The WHO appears to want to push the treaty through quickly without public participation and input.

“It is undemocratic, it is unconstitutional and therefore it makes the treaty invalid and unlawful,” Mohamed says. She also made note of the many WHO health policy failures due to their “conflicts of interest.”

It is much worse than we thought. The rule change includes very dangerous amendments – 13 of them. Investigative reporter Leo Hohmann reports that these amendments will NOT require approval by 2/3 of the United States Senate. It’s not called a treaty. It’s amending a treaty we are a part of.

If they are approved (as submitted by the United States) by a simple majority of the 194 member countries of the World Health Assembly countries), these amendments would enter into force as international law just six months later (November 2022). The details of this are not crystal clear.

Our administration is actively destroying the Constitution by making us part of a global new world order.

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