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Did Biden Bring Us Closer to War? Signs Ukrainian Lend-Lease Act To Streamline Military Aid to Ukraine


One thing we have learned about mainstream media and political public perception is that nothing is as it seems. This is often the case when greed and self-enrichment get mixed up with trying to do good. I don’t doubt that Joe Biden started out his career trying to help Americans.

However, along the way, it’s become clear that Joe’s mission has become polluted and harmful. The scary thing is that in his diminished mental state, it seems that even he is having a hard time the truth from his lies. Take this recent signing of the “Ukraine Democracy Lend-Lease Act of 2022”.

Unless you’ve been keeping up to date on the inner workings of what is happening in Ukraine, you might see this development as a good thing. In fact, that’s what the White House wishes us to all believe. The truth is not that simple and many people are sounding the alarm about it.

Including, surprisingly enough, the New York Times. Check out their headline:

Biden Speeds Up Military Aid to Ukraine, Drawing U.S. Deeper Into War

You know things are getting dicey when the New York Times is calling you out on your hypocrisy. Joe and his fellow Democrats declared that if Trump were elected into office, nuclear war would probably be the outcome. The truth was that President Trump made us more secure and independent than ever.

Fast forward a few years and Biden has brought us to the brink of another world war.

When President Biden signed a modern-day Lend-Lease Act on Monday, 81 years after the original version helped lead the way into World War II, he effectively thrust the United States even deeper into another war in Europe that has increasingly become an epic struggle with Russia despite his efforts to define its limits.

For those that are keeping track. Biden forced us to leave Afghanistan in the worst possible fashion along with billions of dollars in weaponry, essentially arming the extremists that promptly took over. The southern border is not nonexistent with no way to secure it. And now we have a lend-lease deal, which as mentioned, brought us into World War II.

Worse yet, he’s using $40 billion of our tax dollars to do it.

Recent days have underscored just how engaged the United States has become in the conflict in Ukraine. In addition to the new lending program, which will waive time-consuming requirements to speed arms to Ukraine, Mr. Biden has proposed $33 billion more in military and humanitarian aid, a package that congressional Democrats plan to increase by another $7 billion. He sent the first lady for a secret visit to the war zone. And he provided intelligence helping Ukraine to kill a dozen generals and sink Russia’s flagship.

What we are seeing is not foreign aid to a nation in need. Biden is using Ukraine to fight a proxy war with Russia. Even if it’s Ukrainian soldiers pulling the trigger, the bullets say made in America. I wonder if that will escalate the situation?

What is astounding is that President Trump was able to keep Russia in check without the use of military funding or force. The reason for this was that Trump understood the dangers of rushing in too quickly and in the wrong fashion.

The legislation that Mr. Biden signed on Monday reflected the historical echoes and reversals of the current war. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the original Lend-Lease Act in 1941 to help the British fend off Nazi aggressors in World War II, and it was later expanded to help other allies — including the Soviet Union.

So what makes this time different than when Trump was president? Why does Joe feel there is no other solution than to send our most sophisticated military technology to a foreign power? Simple. Money. It’s profitable.

The lending program came as congressional Democrats moved quickly to consider the $33 billion aid package proposed by Mr. Biden and indicated that they would increase it substantially. With Republicans pushing to add more military spending, Democrats insisted on an equal boost for humanitarian aid, nudging the price tag to $39.8 billion, according to two people familiar with the proposal who previewed it on the condition of anonymity.

What is really despicable about Joe Biden’s actions is that he is leveraging the lives of innocent Ukrainians to get this deal done. The people footing the bill are Americans with their dollars and the Ukrainians with their lives.

“Every day, Ukrainians pay with their lives,” Mr. Biden said in the Oval Office as he approved the legislation. “And the atrocities that the Russians are engaging in are just beyond the pale. And the cost of the fight is not cheap, but caving to aggression is even more costly. That’s why we’re staying in this.”

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From these actions, it feels like we are being sold out. Based on Biden’s track record, we most certainly are.

Of course, the silver lining in all this is the memes.

But in all seriousness, the anger and frustration of the American people are very real. We as a nation are fed up with more of the same. The idea that we would dedicate so much to securing another’s border while refusing to spend even a fraction of it on our own is mind-boggling. Corrupt actually.

It’s clear to everybody, including the New York Post that this is a money grab. A transfer of wealth from the hands of the taxpayer to the elites passing these bills. It’s money laundering but instead of going to prison, these actors get elected for another four years.

The question is whether enough has been done to turn the tide come the November elections.



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