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Democrats Push Biden To Reconsider Trump Immigration Policy: Title 42 Removal Scares The Hell Out of Former ICE Chief


You know the border crisis fallout is bad when even Democrats are asking the Biden Administration to reconsider lifting Title 42.

Title 42 is a public health order issued by the CDC while President Trump was in office.  It requires the immediate expulsion of unauthorized migrants arriving at the border in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to government statistics, 1.7 million migrant expulsions resulted under Title 42 from March 2020 to February 2022.  That’s the population of Phoenix, and more than the population of Philadelphia or San Antonio.

Biden administration promised to rollback President Trump’s immigration policies, including Title 42.   And on April 1, the CDC said Title 42 is no longer necessary from a public health standpoint.  It is scheduled to be lifted May 23.

But Democrats are getting cold feed.   As NPR reports:

Now, more centrist Democrats like Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., and Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., who are often vocal supporters of the president’s agenda, are expressing reservations about lifting the policy. “In the region where I’m from, we’re seeing infections rise. I think Philadelphia, for example, just returned to a mask mandate. So my hope is that that will be reconsidered appropriately,” Coons said on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, referring to Title 42 getting lifted. “Unless we have a well-thought-out plan, I think it is something that should be revisited and perhaps delayed. I’m going to defer judgment on that until I give the administration the opportunity to fully articulate what that plan is,” Peters, who is also chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said Monday, The Hill reported.

Democrats Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona knows immigration is a hot issue with his state.  He has had to distance himself from Biden on Title 42.  In a recent press release he stated:

The Biden administration was wrong to set an end date for Title 42 without a comprehensive plan in place. It’s why today we are introducing bipartisan legislation requiring this administration to implement a plan before lifting Title 42 that protects the public health and safety of our border communities and migrants. We need a secure, orderly, and humane response at our southern border and our bipartisan legislation holds the Biden administration accountable to that.

If Title 42 is lifted, the border will see an influx of migrants that will be beyond anything we’ve seen so far.  These border experts have dire predictions:

The word is out.  Come to America’s border, cross it, and you’re set.  Biden is hard on the border patrol and soft on those who cross illegally.  The migrants know it.  The only thing holding the flood water back is Title 42.

And how wrong is that?  We’re relying on CDC’s public health proclamation to protect the border.  Shouldn’t a nation’s immigration laws provide the deterrence and protection needed to secure a border?

By now, we’re all familiar with how abusive this administration has been to the border patrol, smearing some of them with the full force of media.

White House still will not apologize for making false claims of whipping:

Biden has removed almost all deterrence from the border.

The lawlessness is driving away good men and women from serving.

Take former border patrol agent Mustafa Joseph for example.  After serving for more than a decade he resigned last December because he could no longer risk his life for a US Government that is “unrecognizable.”  The Washington Examiner published his resignation email, which read:

As the Patrol and the US Government at large slip more and more into the unrecognizable, it’s unclear what I took an oath to defend starting from way back in 1996 as a Navy Corpsman. The Supreme Court, the last line of Constitutional clarity, is in disarray as well. It’s impossible to live by a code and just show up to work for a paycheck–simply the wrong line of work for that…  More and more Agents will slowly migrate to that way of life as circumstances shape and perhaps crystallize the present reality?

Listen to how he concludes his email:

The undocumented have gone from a fear of infringing the law to brazenly inquiring about what’s taking so long with their right to unconditional assimilation.  Have we become “Handmaids” to their cause?  Incomprehensible.

It’s not just Americans and our border patrol that suffers under porous policies of Biden’s Administration.  The legitimate immigration agents in Mexico are losing heart, too.

The influx in immigration across Mexico–from Central and South America, as well as Caribbean, Africa, and Europe, is driving out Mexican border patrol agents, who are fed up with the violence.

The New York Post reports:

Border agents in Mexico are fed up to the point of leaving their jobs — and say that, if the US lifts Title 42, things will only get worse.

“Work has doubled and even tripled for us. Some weeks we have no days off. We pull in double shifts for the same pay and are sent from one end of the country to the other with less money for our expenses that we must pay up front,” said an officer, Jorge, who spoke with The Post on the condition of anonymity, fearing reprisal.

No statistics are available on how many officers have quit Mexican immigration forces. But Jorge said that, on one team alone, at least half of the 30 officers have quit over the last two years.

“It’s a nationwide phenomenon,” he said.

The Post documents how Mexican officers have been attacked and left injured after violent confrontations with mobs of angry migrants.  Mexican immigration officers are not allowed to carry firearms.


The Mexican officer interviewed by The Post also had this to say about Biden’s lifting Title 42:

This is already making things worse for us. Those new immigrants coming in are more violent,” Jorge said. “They are bigger than us. We Mexicans are smaller. We need at least two officers to detain them. We can’t handle them one on one.”

Bigger, more violent, and lot’s more of them.   Coming to a town or city near you.

Logic and common sense are lost inside this Administration.


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