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Jack Dorsey White Hat?


Something VERY strange has been going on with Jack Dorsey recently…

Yes, we’ve all grown accustomed to hating @Jack — me at the front of the line.

He banned us…

Censored us…

Censored free speech…

But now he’s acting very weird.

He’s starting to sound a lot like you and me and all our Deplorable friends.

Has he flipped?

Trying to save his own hide?

Perhaps Elon Musk is exposing that @Jack was never really in control, it was the anti-American Board at Twitter calling the shots?

I’m not sure, but Pepe Lives Matter asked this question today and I think it’s a really good one:

No, I’m not saying I’m on TeamJack 100%, I’m just saying he has my attention and I’m watching closely.

And all is not always as it seems.

Keep reading and I’ll explain more…

Dorsey stepped down as the company’s CEO last November.  He is expected to keep his board seat until his term expires in May.

Dorsey recently expressed his disdain for Twitter’s board in a series of tweets, which followed Twitter’s “poison pill” plan to fend off Elon Musk’s offer:

If you string that thread together, it appears Dorsey thinks his board is dysfunctional, it (the board) is killing his company, and he recognizes he shouldn’t be making his opinion known.

In 2020, some of Twitter’s investors tried to remove Dorsey as an officer of the company.   A new committee on the board was then created to keep a closer eye on him, and one of the investors (Elliot Management) got a board seat as a compromise.  It’s not hard to see why Dorsey would have little love for his board.

Musk showed his support for Dorsey during the 2020 challenges.

And as Musk recently pointed out, after Dorsey leaves the board in May, there won’t be any significant ownership interest on the board.  “Objectively, their economic interests are simply no aligned with shareholders,” he tweeted.  That’s why he also added that the board salary will be zero if his bid succeeds.

Dorsey is also making news recently for his attacks on CNN, accusing the outlet of manufacturing conflict during the Ferguson riots.  He also blasted Brian Stelter for his hypocrisy.  Here are Dorsey’s recent tweets:

The New York Post picked up on the thread in its reporting today.

When Dorsey’s comments prompted a separate debate about what he meant, Dorsey responded to a post from tech investor and former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao — who offered her view of the initial post.

“I thought his point was that the press does the same thing, sowing doubt to promote white supremacy and get engagement, often amplifying bad takes, but now I’m not sure anymore,” Pao said.

“Yes,” Dorsey said in response.

Deplatforming Trump and silencing conservative voices are serious transgressions Dorsey will likely never be forgiven of.  But at least he shows some potential for good with these tweets.


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