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President Trump And The Wall Street Journal Tout New ‘Cold War’


I recently asked whether we are currently witnessing the start of World War III

It certainly is a possibility, but it is improbable that war will ever take place on such a large scale ever again. The methods have changed, the stakes are now far higher, and people the world over are increasingly at odds with their governments.

In short, I just don’t think the risks are justifiable, and even if they were I don’t think these global powers including the U.S. can muster up the manpower needed for a sustained world war—who would fight for them at this point?

Even the 35% of U.S. citizens who would support a nuclear war with Russia are too cowardly and unskilled to actually go fight that war themselves.

It was different in the 1940’s when people had faith in their government, and the institutions, but today? That faith is all but gone…

far more likely scenario is that we are witnessing the birth of a new cold war between the U.S, China, and Russia, as explained by The Wall Street Journal and pointed out by President Trump:

The Wall Street Journal states:

The analogy extends to the free world. Although the Cold War began in 1945, “it really took several more years for public attitudes in the West to catch up to what strategists like Winston Churchill and George Kennan knew about the nature of the Soviet Union.”

With the Korean conflict, “the Cold War crystallized in the public imagination in the West.” Today, it’s “really hard to avoid the conclusion that these developments reflect a new cold war that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have initiated against the West.”


Reuters writes:

On Feb. 16, when intelligence showed an invasion was imminent, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called the current era a “new normal.”

It looks a lot like a return to the past. Founded in 1949 to defend against the Soviet threat, the NATO alliance is facing a return to mechanised warfare, a huge increase in defence spending, and potentially a new Iron Curtain falling across Europe.

After struggling to find a new post-Cold War role, countering terrorism following the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States in 2001 and a humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, NATO is back defending against its original nemesis.


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