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United Nations Says No COVID-19 Jabs for Your Country Without Expressing Proper Hatred of Russia


Is that a threat or a promise?

If we get denied COVID-19 shots for not hating Russia, then I LOVE Russia.

The global communists at the United Nations voted in a resolution for forced hatred of Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine.

And any country that doesn’t declare Russia the evilest force on the planet faces the punishment of having their COVID-19 injection shipment canceled.

The United Nations will deny your country biological experiments that cause myocarditis, blood clots, cancers, and over 1,000 other potential side effects.

Again, I ask the globalist gang if that’s a promise they’re willing to keep.

One country to suffer this ‘punishment’ is the South Asian country of Bangladesh, the most densely populated nation on Earth.

Ironically, Bangladesh didn’t even vote against the UN Resolution to hate everything Russia. They abstained from voting for or against, so their silence is punished in the form of no COVID-19 injections.

As a result, Lithuania reversed a previous decision to send Bangladesh 440,000 doses.


Per Newsweek:

On Wednesday, the United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and demanding immediate withdrawal, with 141 out of the 193 members nations voting in favor of the resolution. Five nations voted against it, including Russia itself, Belarus, North Korea, Syria, and Eritrea. The remaining 35 countries abstained from the vote.

Among the abstaining members was the South Asian country of Bangladesh. As a result of that decision, Lithuania reversed a previous decision from earlier in the week to send over 440,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Bangladesh, according to a report from Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT). This was confirmed to LRT by a spokesperson for Lithuanian prime minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

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On a side note, WeLoveTrump noted Bangladesh’s ivermectin use several months ago.

Bangladesh: Another Ivermectin Success Story

Natural News commented:

The Global cabal of nations wants to bully Russia into not bullying Ukraine, while concealing the fact that the Ukraine is the ultimate hub for all things corrupt linked to the Biden Administration.

They are demanding “immediate withdrawal” from Ukraine, while the U.S. just left Afghanistan (a.k.a. the Heroin War) after flogging their natural resources at the cost of the lives and health of our own military. Now, if you don’t agree with the UN, your nation could be next to be “deprived” of the Fauci Flu shots. Sounds like a good plan.


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