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(WATCH) Dr. Malone Describes Pattern of Unusual Cancers Observed After Mass COVID-19 Inoculations


Dr. Robert Malone joined The Glenn Beck Podcast to discuss questions about the COVID-19 injections censored by Big Tech and mainstream media.

Malone generated a firestorm of controversy after his famous appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

He briefly touched on the subject in this clip:

Glenn Beck posted a longer YouTube clip to discuss mainstream media’s vicious attacks and censorship against Dr. Malone:

Two years after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, Glenn sits down with one of the biggest victims of the other pandemic it ushered in: censorship. Dr. Robert Malone invented the original mRNA vaccine technology in 1987 when he was a 28-year-old graduate student. As a high-level scientist, he’s been involved in the response to every major outbreak since AIDS. But more recently, he’s been permanently suspended from Twitter and banned from LinkedIn. And his appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” triggered Neil Young so much that the musician requested that Spotify pull his music — all because Dr. Malone would rather speak freely than toe the approved line. But on this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” Glenn challenges you, his audience, to ask Dr. Malone anything — censorship-free. Dr. Malone walks Glenn through all the complicated science behind mRNA vaccines, where he believes COVID-19 came from, and what he believes should have been done differently over the past two years. He also offers insight into the modern propaganda machine that has corrupted the scientific community.

Beck hasn’t posted the full interview to YouTube due to censorship, but I’ve scrapped some clips off Twitter to share here.

Among the most revealing is this clip where Dr. Malone describes a pattern of unusual cancers observed in patients after mass COVID-19 inoculations.

Malone credits Dr. Ryan Cole with leading the effort to document these cases.

You can watch previous discussions from Dr. Ryan Cole below:

WATCH: Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole – Experimental COVID-19 Jabs Are a “Poisonous Attack on Our Population”

WATCH: Dr. Ryan Cole Reports 20X Increase of Cancers & Autoimmune Diseases in Vaccinated Patients

Dr. Malone also touched on the discussion relating to VAIDS (Vaccine-Induced AIDS).

He described the phenomenon as an immunosuppressive syndrome that seems to be associated with the mRNA COVID-19 injections.

Watch the full interview on Glenn Beck Rumble channel:

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