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2020 Election Fraud Alleged In At Least 20 Separate Cases

2016 Federal Election Senate counting at Belconnon High

The 2020 election was perhaps the most unconventional election ever conducted in U.S. history.

Irregularities‘ are too numerous to count, and the legal changes which occurred on the local level nationwide are the true pandemic raging through our country.

Reporter Emerald Robinson recently exposed that Green Bay Wisconsin’s election was run by a Brooklyn based attorney from a nearby hotel room, and we previously reported that 83,000 ballots went missing in Wisconsin.

These are just some of the many election fraud stories which we have covered over these last 2 years, but there’s more, much more…

According to a recent report from Just The News, over 20 instances of election fraud have been outlined. I will link the article below, but take a look at these recent Tweets alleging misconduct, and a lack of legal action or transparency:

Just The News outlined 20 separate ‘episodes’ of election fraud, and I encourage you to read their entire article:

A recent poll found that 40% of Americans no longer believe in the legitimacy of the winner of either of the last two presidential elections, a stunning number for a country globally held as the gold standard for constitutional republics built on democracy.

“We have a lot of work to do,” former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell told Just the News on Wednesday. “And so I never sugarcoat this, because there’s substantial voter dissatisfaction with the the lack of security of our ballots. And they are very concerned that folks who are voting are folks who are not eligible to vote. And so you can’t have a system where illegal ballots negate the casting of legal ballots.”


The Federalist had more on Special Counsel Michael Gableman’s recent findings relating to election fraud in Wisconsin:

According to the report, nursing home staff and administrators illegally handled absentee ballots, illegally assisted with “marking” residents’ ballots, illegally “witnessed” the voting, and possibly included forgery of the elderly residents’ signatures. Under Wisconsin law, these violations of the election code constitute fraud.


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