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36 States Have Made Major Changes To Mail-In Voting Laws Since 2020


Anyone who has ever read Bastiat knows that the problem isn’t who votes….

It isn’t even who counts the votes, as I myself have stated on many occasions; make no mistake, both of these things are problems, but they are mere pocket change compared to the larger issue at hand.

The problem ladies and gentleman is voting in and of itself. It is the tyranny of the majority whether real or fabricated.

Ask yourself this simple question and you will know where you stand on the issue of ‘democracy’: If there is a group of 100 people, and 51 of them vote to do something, do they have the right to impose their will on the other 49?

If you do not believe that they do then you do not believe in democracy—plain and simple.

This tyranny of the majority is made worse by the fact that we vote to appoint others to be indirect representatives of our aggregate choices—we don’t even get to vote our will directly….

So we don’t even have an honest crowd sourced tyranny, we have a derivative instrument of this tyranny packaged and sold right back to the very masses who comprise the various heads of the democratic hydra.

The changes we are seeing to our voting system right now aren’t an aberration. They aren’t part of some master plan, they aren’t even new—nothing under the sun is new.

They are simply the natural effects of ‘democracy‘.

Wielding the law as an instrument of legal plunder is the natural effect of democracy. Competing factions will split up in any way they can to use the law as a weapon to get what they want for their group—it’s that simple.

They can split up into racial factions, ideological factions, political parties, gendered factions, special interest groups, activist groups, business interests, or just about any other partition in order to advance their self interests.

The changes to mail-in voting schemes whether they be for or against mail-in voting are simply examples of the behavior I just mentioned above.

Solutions have been proposed to curb election fraud in our system, but the mistake is in thinking that election fraud was something invented in 2020 , or something unnatural—it isn’t.

Fraud has occurred in our system for an extremely long time through activist groups, unions, organized crime syndicates, and procedural changes which are then codified into law.

If people truly want to live in an honest society, where we all live in peace, liberty, and prosperity then we must face the music and realize that ‘democracy‘ is simply the new monarchy.

It had its time in the sun, it even worked for a while, but just like all things must eventually come to pass democracy’s time is long past due and we must now look to new systems the world has never seen before to sustain us.

“One either dies the hero, or they live long enough to see themselves become the villain” as the now-famous quote goes, and democracy has lived long enough to see itself become the villain.

Our forefathers fought to bring something new to the table, but today that thing is eerily reminiscent of the very thing they fought against.

Our ‘leaders’ have become corrupted beyond repair, our institutions are crumbling, people are taxed to death (literally), neighbors are at each other’s throats, and the average American benefits less and less with each passing day in this present system.

We must move past voting, past government, and beyond the state. It isn’t a question of who should have political power—it is that no one should have political power—elected or otherwise.

Here’s more on the numerous election system changes being codified into law right now:

The Epoch Times reports that dozens of states have changed their mail-in voting laws since the 2020 election:

At least 36 states passed bills pertaining in some way to mail-in voting, according to the left-leaning Voting Rights Lab.

Much of the change pertained to issues arising out of the 2020 election, where many states relaxed rules on absentee voting using the COVID-19 pandemic as justification.

While many Democrats portrayed those changes as not only necessary but worth preserving for good, Republicans were more likely to see them as harmful one-off excesses that undermined election integrity. This year’s flurry of election bills generally reflects these sentiments.

Public Source wrote late last year:

Act 77, the Pennsylvania law that legalized no-excuse mail-in voting, came together in 2019 as a compromise between the Democratic and Republican parties. Republicans achieved their goal of abolishing straight-ticket voting, which Democrats agreed to in order to obtain the vote-by-mail expansion.

Mistick said the law made Pennsylvania “a symbol, an example of bipartisanship, of how the two parties can come together for the good of the franchise and set aside their political differences.”

A lot has changed since then.


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