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WATCH: Experts CONFIRM That Voting Machines Have Several SEVERE Security Flaws


It is a rare thing to see the truth come out all at one time…….

Instead what usually occurs is a slow slipping of both the state and MSM narratives into the fires of truth.

First they outright deny the truth in every possible manner—they tell you that you claims have absolutely zero validity, and in many cases they refuse to cover stories outright.

Then you start to see the first cracks forming on the pillars holding up a temple of lies and deceit, the state and MSM journalists begin making concessions……

Make no mistake—they’re still lying during this phase, but they make admissions here and there—admissions which point to the truth.

The official narrative continues to carry on like this for some time, but with each passing day more and more cracks start to form in those pillars……….

Once enough cracks have formed the final collapse begins, and the light of day breaks through. This is where the full truth comes out for all to bear witness.

Right now we are comfortably in the second phase. The MSM still maintains the official lie, but reports pop up every now and again which point out the exact things President Trump pointed out during the 2020 Presidential election.

The newest of these reports suggests that there are severe security issues with our voting machines, but guess what? Those same reports suggest that while these vulnerabilities do exist, no fraud occurred in the 2020 election.

I would normally call this out as unbelievable and pigheaded, but how can I when I see that this is just part of the cycle of truth?

Eventually this narrative will crumble, and with 14% of Biden voters believing that President Trump will be instated this year that narrative may not be so far from taking the final descent into destruction.

Take a look, and notice that some of these reports are years old:

The Associated Press reports:

In Georgia, for example, election security expert J. Alex Halderman says he’s identified “multiple severe security flaws” in the state’s touchscreen voting machines, according to a sworn declaration in a court case.

Halderman told The Associated Press in a phone interview that while he’s seen no evidence the vulnerabilities were exploited to change the outcome of the 2020 election, “there remain serious risks that policymakers and the public need to be aware of” that should be addressed immediately to protect future elections.

Trump loyalists — pushing the slogan “Stop the Steal” — held rallies, posted on social media and filed lawsuits in key states, often with false claims about Dominion Voting Systems voting machines.


Politico reported these potential security issues on the eve of the 2020 elections:

Hacking aside, the machines remain prone to glitches, configuration errors and other malfunctions, especially when poll workers have rarely used them before.

This perfect storm of complexity and inexperience caused chaos during Georgia’s June primary, when ballot-marking devices failed to boot up, election staffers struggled to activate them and polling places ran out of the provisional ballots that provide a fallback option for voters.

Precinct workers reported receiving only minimal training that did not cover technical troubleshooting for the new machines.


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