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Chile Passes a Law to Prevent Discrimination Against Mutants & Genetically Modified Individuals


On February 16, 2022, the Chilean government passed an employment law to to protect against discrimination of mutants and genetically modified individuals.

The National Congress of Chile approved a bill titled “Prohibits Labour Discrimination Against Mutations or Alterations of Genetic Material or Genetic Testing.

Diario Oficial de la República de Chile (the Official Journal of the Republic of Chile) published the Law Number 21.422.

First off, here’s brief background on the Official Journal:

The Official Journal of the Republic of Chile (Spanish: Diario Oficial de la República de Chile) is Chile’s government gazette – a means of publication of laws, decrees, and other legal regulations issued by state bodies.

It was created by decree of President Aníbal Pinto on 15 November 1876. Its first issue was published on 1 March 1877. The Official Journal appears Monday through Saturday, except holidays.

The Spanish-version of the PDF published for the “Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Law number 21. 422. – Prohibits Labour Discrimination Against Mutations or Alterations of Genetic Material or Genetic Testing” is available here.

The Daily Expose has provided an English translation of the peculiar law:

Here’s a transcript of the English-version provided by The Daily Expose:

Article 1.- No employer may condition the hiring of workers, their permanence or the renewal of their contract, or the promotion or mobility in their employment, to the absence of mutations or alterations in their genome that cause a predisposition or a high risk of a pathology that may manifest itself during the course of the employment relationship, nor require for such purposes any certificate or examination that allows verifying that the worker does not have mutations or alterations of genetic material in his human genome that may lead to the development or manifest in a disease or physical or mental abnormality in the future.

Article 2.-The worker may express his free and informed consent to undergo a genetic test, in accordance with the provisions of article 14 of Law No. 20,584, as long as it is aimed at ensuring that he meets the necessary and suitable physical or mental conditions to develop jobs or tasks classified as dangerous, with the sole purpose of protecting their life or physical or mental integrity, as well as the life or physical or mental health of other workers. If these exams are required by the employer, the latter must bear the cost of it. Likewise, if there is a current employment relationship, the time used to carry out said exams will be understood as worked for all legal purposes.

Article 3.-Health establishments and laboratories that carry out this type of examination, as well as employers that access this information, must adopt all the security measures prescribed in Law No. 20,584 and in Article 12 of Law No. 20,120, with in order to protect the privacy of the worker and guarantee confidential handling of the data. The worker will always have the right to access the information revealed by a genetic test.”

And because I have seen fit to approve and sanction it; therefore, promulgate and take effect
as a Law of the Republic.

As reported by Our World in Data, Chile has one of the world’s highest COVID-19 inoculation rates. The South American nation has fully vaccinated 89.37% of its population and 92.39% have received at least one dose.

Associated Press noted Chile began 4th doses of COVID-19 jabs this month:

A fourth vaccination dose against coronavirus began Monday for most of the population in Chile.

The campaign is taking place as the nation is experiencing its highest rate of infection with a rate of about 35,000 cases per day – record figures in the pandemic.

President Sebastian Pinera received his shot as people over the age of 55 were eligible to receive the fourth dose.

The fourth dose process started in Chile on January 10 for immunocompromised people.

Chile is passing through its highest rate of infection of the entire pandemic, affected by the omicron variant, with figures that have reached 37,468 cases.

While the rationale behind such a law seems strange, think about genetic changes resulting from the experimental COVID-19 gene therapies.

Think transhumanism.

Military lawyer and disabled rights advocate Todd Callender discussed the implications of genetic changes caused by the mRNA COVID-19 jabs and how they create ‘New Human Species.’

EXCLUSIVE: BioNTech 2019 SEC Filing to Investors Shows Company Doubted mRNA Technology Would Ever Get Approved

Yukon Freedom shared these comments:

Why does Chile prohibit discrimination against mutants and genetically altered people? Who are these people and what is the rationale behind the need for this provision? What new trend justifies this initiative?

The Chilean law recalls the also curious Argentine legislation of last year, which cites the rights of “human persons.” Chinda Brandolino has pointed out that this is the legal prelude to a distinction between “human persons” and “transhuman persons”. Genetically modified people, says Brandolino, will belong to the owners of the technology and will not have the same rights as “human” people.

Law 21.422 anticipates a dark future that we are not yet aware of. A great logical contrast appears in this regulation.

On the one hand, the system protects the rights of genetically altered people (a consequence that Covid injections would have, as early warnings were made by the doctors meeting at a summit in London), the privacy of your data and the right not to be discriminated against at work.

On the other hand, the system in many countries formally enshrines the discrimination of people who do not inject themselves against Covid-19, violates their right not to reveal their medical data and sanctifies their expulsion from the workplace.

As a whole, the panorama points to the construction of a new juridical-legal order in the era of transhumanism:

  • Being “mutant” is protected and encouraged.
  • Being “thoroughbred” is repressed and punished.

Could we see similar legislation proposed in other governments?

A steady descent into the realm of transhumanism?

For anyone who thinks that's a "conspiracy theory," let me refer you to this World Economic Forum video titled "When Humans Become Cyborgs."


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