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“That is Awesome!” Ottowa Police Texts Bragging About “that Horse Video” Leak Online


Ottowa police on horseback recently trampled through a crowd of peaceful protesters.

One of the victims was an elderly woman, a grandma named Candy who needs to use a walker to get around.

We previously published an article featuring an interview in which Candy speaks out from her hospital bed.

Now we have an alarming update from this horrifying incident.

Text messages from the Ottowa police department have leaked online.

The text messages are so alarming that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is now investigating the situation.

The text messages show officers bragging about trampling through the crowd on horseback.

One officer sent a link to the video of Candy being trampled to the ground, even as she clung onto her walker.

Another officer responded:

That is awesome!

It was a group thread.

Other text messages began pouring in, voicing support for the officers who trampled Candy.

We have screenshots of the text message thread below:

Can you imagine if text messages like this leaked during the BLM riots?

There would have been even more violence and riots in the streets!

But instead of investigating the apparent lack of ethics and the blatant brutality, everyone appears to be turning a blind eye to what’s happening in Ottowa.

The Daily Mail confirms these leaked texts:

Police forces in Canada are coming under scrutiny for their excessive violence with peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa, as leaked text messages show a group of law enforcement officers allegedly celebrating the moment a grandmother was trampled by mounted police and video shows another man being beaten after he says he peacefully turned himself in.

The text messages, which were leaked by Rebel News and whose authenticity has not yet been verified, appear to show several officers delighting in the brutality via a RCMP group chat.

The crackdown on the self-styled Freedom Convoy began Friday morning, when hundreds of police descended into the protest zone in Ottawa and began arresting demonstrators. At least 196 people had been arrested as of Monday and 115 vehicles had been towed, police said, while other trucks and vehicles left the protest zone after being warned starting Friday. Heavily-armed riot cops used pepper spray, while mounted police and armored vehicles were also brought in to help begin clearing the downtown area, which had been paralyzed by a three-week blockade over the truckers’ Covid jab protest.

Several clips have shown peaceful protesters being beaten into submission, including a truck driver who claims he was attacked after having given himself up to authorities. Other footage shows a woman, who appeared to be using a mobility scooter, being trampled by mounted police in Ottawa, Ontario on Friday.

One of the text messages in the exchange appears to show officers applauding the incident involving the woman.

‘Just watched the horse video – that is awesome,’ the chat member allegedly wrote.

‘We should practice that manoeuvre.’

Meanwhile, one group participant wrote: ‘Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground,’ while another said: ‘Don’t kick all of them out until next weeks group gets our turn.’

Moments before the unidentified woman was trampled, she told another Freedom Convoy participant – who was recording the protests – that she was rallying to ensure a better future for her grandchildren.

‘Our grandchildren. This is what we’re doing it for. So they all can have peace and love and happiness,’ she is heard saying on video, before chanting: ‘Peace, love, happiness. Peace, love, happiness.’

These texts appear to be angering Canadians and causing alarm for Americans.

This is not how law enforcement is supposed to behave.

They are supposed to keep us safe by maintaining law and order, not by trampling peaceful protesters with horses.

Now that these texts have gone viral, the RCMP is investigating the situation.

It is not clear what they’re investigating or how they are conducting the investigation.

But if these texts are real, which they appear to be, the offending officers should face the appropriate disciplinary punishment.

Breitbart confirms the investigation:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) published a statement on Sunday confirming it is “looking into” alleged screenshots of text messages circulating this weekend that appear to show Canadian officers celebrating police brutality against the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protesters.

Law enforcement began a violent operation this weekend against the Freedom Convoy, a peaceful protest movement seeking an end to civil rights violations like vaccine and mask mandates, business lockdowns, and other coronavirus-related government limitations on freedom. The Convoy is largely trucker-led and has consisted of large trucks occupying major cities and blocking international road crossings. Its largest iteration was in Ottawa, where police dispatched officers on horseback to attack unarmed protesters beginning on Friday and have reportedly arrested nearly 200 people, despite no reports of significant violence prior to the police’s arrival.

“The RCMP is aware of the material circulating on social media pertaining to a chat group that includes some of its members, and we can confirm that we are looking into the matter,” the agency said in a statement on Sunday. “This material is not representative of those who have committed themselves to serving Canadians with integrity and professionalism.”

The statement claimed that RCMP officials had “put in place measures to ensure the continued integrity of police operations as well as the safety of our members.” It also reiterated that police officers have a “responsibility to hold themselves to the highest professional standards and are subject to the Code of Conduct of the RCMP at all times.”

“This includes acting with integrity, fairness, and impartiality, and avoiding any potential conflicts between their professional responsibilities and private interests,” the statement read.


We support law and order!

And we support men and women in uniform who obey the law and work to keep us safe.

However, we do not support the abuse of power and power-hungry tyrants.

What do you think?

Were the police acting appropriately? Were the text messages appropriate?

Or does this deserve to be investigated further?


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