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Pfizer Gets Kicked To The Curb In India


I never thought I would be saying this, but I have a newfound respect for India…

The world’s largest democracy has handled Covid-19 surprisingly well given that it has roughly 1 billion inhabitants crammed into a space roughly 1/3rd the size of the U.S.

Ivermectin and other treatments have not been demonized in the country, and the Indian authorities seem to have a respect for their own people—they’re serving India’s interests…not Pfizer’s.

Sources indicate that Pfizer has pulled its application for its Covid-19 vaccine in India following requests by the Indian authorities for local trials to take place…


We have previously reported on this story, but I really want to take the time to point out the subtexts here.

India is slowly rising in the world and will soon become an economic powerhouse. Once new economic opportunities begin to grow, the Indian consumer class will grow right alongside with it.

As I mentioned earlier, India has 1 billion inhabitants—that’s 1 billion fresh, new, and happy consumers.

Indian authorities willingly chose to protect those 1 billion consumers from Pfizer—which I am sure they were pressured and heavily incentivized by Pfizer to sell out.

At the same time Pfizer willingly chose to forego those 1 billion consumers…one can only assume that this is due to the fact that they could not perform in the local trials…

American authorities essentially manufactured a cash grab for Pfizer while Indian authorities chose to serve the best interests of their own people…

Who is now the true democracy given that this is the case? Can we even rightly call ourselves that anymore?

Here’s a reminder of how a nation in the South Pacific now has more ethical government than we do here in the ‘headquarters’ of the ‘free’ world:

Reuters confirmed:

The decision means the vaccine will not be available for sale in the world’s two most populous countries, India and China, in the near future. Both countries are running their immunization campaigns using other products.


Western Journal adds:

Although other drugmakers who wanted to enter the Indian market conducted drug trials there, Pfizer had sought an exception to the rule based on trials done elsewhere.

“The data collected has been endorsed by various regulatory agencies (including the most evolved) and they have given EUA [based on] … that data,” Pfizer told Reuters in a statement.


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